The Sacrifice by Shantel Tessier

The Sacrifice by Shantel Tessier: Synopsis

After graduating from Barrington University, an exclusive college for the wealthy, a Lord will tie the knot. Helping him blend in with a society that is ignorant of his hidden society is the role of a lady. Who the Lord spends the remainder of his life with is not up to him to decide. However, there’s always going to be an outlier. And it so happens that I am his.

My parents were to choose the Lord that I would marry. You can’t have it all, even with wealth, otherwise I would have been free years ago. Rather, I was forced to live a dreary life in a prison-like home by my strict parents.

On my wedding day, however, I was given up to another man—a more vicious Lord, despised by my family.

All Tyson Riley Crawford wanted from me was to get even. I’m just a loan that needs to be settled. I was not able to voice my opinion. I therefore knew I would breach my vows when I made them in front of the congregation. Damn the consequences.

Unfortunately, I misjudged my spouse and failed to recognize that his goal in punishing me outweighed my own need to go away. I used those words to tie myself to him, and he’ll make me choke on them.

But even he was blind to what lay ahead for us. In the end, all of us are just pieces in a larger game that none of us can win unless we’re prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. and that might not even be sufficient.

My Opinion

This dark new adult collegiate novel is set in the same universe as The Ritual and can be read alone. It’s violent, dark, twisted, and full of dub-con, so it’s not easy to read in any sense. Despite some difficult passages, I really enjoyed it.

Although Tyson Crawford is a member of the Lords, he is distinct from the others because of a previous incident that led to his “removal”; instead, he was granted leadership of the Blackout group. With his heartless and icy demeanor, willingness to do whatever it took to accomplish his goals and lack of boundaries, he was likewise destined to be among the greatest Lords. Before being married, he had three years of celibacy during which he used Whitney, his skilled partner. Prior to the event that completely altered his life, his goal in life was to exact retribution.

Although Laikyn (Lake) was compelled to wed Tyson on her wedding day, she had been selected by the Lords to wed Luke. Though her family was unaware of it, Lake was forced to marry the guy who killed her sister Whitney despite her fear and helplessness.

With this one, you should prepare for the unexpected since it will surprise you at every turn. There is a lot of violence, bondage/restraints, dub-con, praise kink, degradation, and other explicit and dark elements in this work.

The plot, which is told from two points of view, veers off course and back again a few times as things start to come together. I had deep sympathy for Lake and all that she had to go through with Tyson and her family. Tyson is undoubtedly a passionate, possessive alpha male; he plotted Lake’s retaliation, which really suited him, but he also developed affections for her.

With so much going on and so much to keep up with, I was reading this one on the edge of my seat. It was enjoyable, and I hope to read more by Shantel in the future.

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