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Dear writer,

The Crimson Books is a professional platform with members who have been employed professionally, and we would love to give your book the attention it deserves. We love to read and review books. Therefore, before contacting us, you might want to read these brief instructions.

Book Genres

Most genres, including non-fiction and fiction, are accepted. But at this time, we are unable to accept poetry or religiously related publications. We only accept e-books for the time being.

Self-published and independent books

We regret to inform you that we are unable to examine written stories on Wattpad, Royal Road, or other websites of a similar nature.

Self-published books are acceptable, nevertheless, if they are widely distributed and simple for people to access.

Time Period

Before attempting to write a review, we prefer to give our reviewers enough time to read and comprehend the book completely. Therefore, it could take anywhere from two to eight weeks for a review to be submitted.


No matter how small or specialised the readership, we think that every book has an audience. Our reviewers tailor their reviews to that particular audience and evaluate books impartially, though they won’t hesitate to admit occasional bias in order to add a human touch to the reviews.

Before being delivered to reviewers, books are first checked; if they pass muster, they will be reviewed. Here is our rating system: We follow the standard star rating system.

5 Stars – Excellent

4 Stars – Good

3 Stars – Average


We reserve the right to refuse to review any book that we believe is inappropriate for our website. We may also decide to stop reading books in the middle and cease writing reviews if we believe their ratings could fall below a 3/5. Therefore, don’t feel terrible if we are unable to display your book on our website; instead, try again next time or look for a different outlet that might value your work more.


As a Professional Platform, we charge a price to review your book; this money supports the reviewers who work on it, and a portion goes towards website upkeep. therefore before contacting us, please confirm that you are able to pay. Right now, PayPal is the method of payment we offer.

What do you receive?

The evaluation service comprises, but is not restricted to:

  • A qualified reviewer will read and review your book.
  • We provide an honest opinion.
  • A permanent page on our website that you may link to and distribute to your audience.
  • Links to your book so that users of our website can buy it.
  • The review will be permanently posted on all of our social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • We’ll share a section of the review on our account on Good Reads.
  • A section dedicated to the author that includes a link to your website or social media at the conclusion of the book review.

You can email us at [email protected] with any questions.

Please complete the form below. We will contact you via email to confirm the order after receiving your book and deciding to review it.

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