Hannah Swensen Mysteries in Order

Hannah Swensen Mysteries in Order

I was drawn to read the Joanne Fluke cozy mystery novels because I had watched the Hallmark Hannah Swensen films (previously known as “Murder, She Baked”). I therefore made the decision to begin with “Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder,” the first one. In Lake Eden, Minnesota, Hannah Swensen owns and operates The Cookie Jar, a bakery. I adore the characters, the setting, and the writing. You were left wondering “who done it?” by the plot. Utterly fantastic. Here is a list of Hannah Swensen Mysteries for your reading adventures.

Hannah Swensen Mysteries in Order

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

Pick one novice investigator. Add a few quirky Minnesotans to the mix. This mystery series, with its red-haired, cookie-baking protagonist Hannah Swensen—whose gingersnaps are almost as acerbic as her comments—and her passion for solving crimes, is sure to stir things up. Just add a healthy dose of crackling tension to the mix.

Hannah manages Lake Eden’s most well-known bakery, The Cookie Jar, while eluding her mother’s attempts to marry her off. However, she’s determined not to let her cookies have a bad image, so she sets out to seek down a killer after Ron LaSalle, the popular deliveryman from the Cozy Cow Dairy, is found dead behind her bakery—with Hannah’s famed Chocolate Chip Crunchies spread around him. However, Hannah’s lovely existence might be destroyed if she doesn’t keep an eye on her back.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

2. Strawberry Shortcake Murder

Hannah is overjoyed to be the chief judge when the president of Hartland Flour selects charming Lake Eden, Minnesota, as the location for their inaugural Dessert Bake-Off. However, Lake Eden’s idyllic rise to popularity takes a very bad turn when another judge, Coach Boyd Watson, is discovered facedown and lifeless in Hannah’s renowned strawberry shortcake.

Hannah is investigating the coach’s personal life and finding plenty of suspects in between honing her chocolate crunchies and cheddar cheese apple pie recipes. And did Watson’s scathing remarks during the judging give one of the competitors permission to murder? Something is cooking up a recipe for murder, and Hannah is going to be on the “necessary ingredients” list. The stakes are growing quicker than dough, so she better watch out.

Strawberry Shortcake Murder

3. Blueberry Muffin Murder

The annual Winter Carnival in Lake Eden, Minnesota is getting ready, and Hannah Swensen will have additional work at her store, The Cookie Jar. Unfortunately, Connie Mac, a well-known lifestyle expert, was given the distinction of designing the official Winter Carnival cake—a very rushed notion, in Hannah’s perspective. She believes that Connie Mac’s endearing persona from cable TV is a front for something worse.

Hannah’s suspicions are validated when the limo driven by Connie Mac arrives in town. It appears that the “Cooking Sweetheart” of America is actually tyrannical, irritable, and overbearing. When Hannah gets to The Cookie Jar, she discovers that the Winter Carnival cake has been ruined and that Connie Mac has died after being hit by a bullet while consuming one of Hannah’s renowned blueberry muffins. This is when things finally come to a head.

Hannah discovers the next day that The Cookie Jar’s kitchen murder scene is off-limits due to police orders. She bakes but she doesn’t have an oven, and the carnival is coming up soon. Her only option is to devise a scheme to rescue her company by tracking down the murderer herself.

Blueberry Muffin Murder

4. Lemon Meringue Pie Murder

Hannah Swensen believed she had at last figured out the formula for the ideal life. However, when he calls to tell her that he’s just bought a house from Rhonda Scharf, a local pharmacy clerk, which he plans to knock down in order to build the dream home he and Hannah designed, her sometime admirer Norman Rhodes adds an unexpected element to the mix. Hannah is astonished to learn that the plot appears to have been in the works for some time. Particularly when her ring finger is still blatantly exposed…

The house that’s about to be demolished has a ton of antiques, and Hannah and her mother have first dibs on them, which is fantastic news. They find a patchwork quilt, some exquisite antique furniture, and the lifeless body of Rhonda Scharf. Further investigation reveals one of The Cookie Jar’s renowned lemon meringue pies together with the partially consumed remnants of an extremely romantic dinner for two. Hannah must now increase the pressure and set to work looking for hints. beginning in her personal kitchen.

Lemon Meringue Pie Murder

5. Fudge Cupcake Murder

Hannah feels that something is missing from her life lately. Perhaps she is upset about the outcome of the local sheriff’s race. Sheriff Grant has been the town’s stern disciplinarian for years. Grant, however, is not having a good time with Bill, Hannah’s brother-in-law, since he is now giving the old blowhard the fight of his long, shady career. This is especially true when the polls start to show Bill leading.

Hannah finds Sheriff Grant’s dead in the dumpster behind the high school where she is teaching her culinary class, but not before everyone can savor triumph. Even worse, there’s still fudge frosting from one of her cupcakes on the poor man’s shirt.

Bill is the only—and biggest—suspect, but Hannah won’t take it. There were many reasons to despise Sheriff Grant. Hannah will soon be serving up scandalous secrets, scorching betrayals, and enough intrigue to keep the The Cookie Jar gossip mill running on multiple pots of decaf. Hannah is getting closer to uncovering the truth, which means she is also getting closer to eliminating a murderer who has a very terrible way of keeping people silent.

Fudge Cupcake Murder

6. Sugar Cookie Murder

Holiday celebrations are a big deal in Minnesota, and Hannah is leading the way as the small town of Lake Eden is brewing up a storm. The recipes Hannah has gathered for the Lake Eden Holiday Buffet Cookbook are put to the ultimate test at the annual Christmas Buffet.

All decked out in glitter and fur, the newly divorced Martin Dubinski shows up at the buffet with his new showgirl wife from Vegas. But his ex-wife looks as cool as iced eggnog. The celebrations are also put on hold when Hannah’s mother’s old Christmas cake knife vanishes and is found in the décolletage of the new, and now late, Mrs. Dubinski.

Hannah uses the resources at hand—half of Lake Eden town and a murderer—to test her investigation abilities while everyone is stuck at the community center due to a snowstorm. Hannah must now find every clue as the snowdrifts get deeper in order to ensure that there are no more tragic tidings this white Christmas.

Sugar Cookie Murder

7. Peach Cobbler Murder

Hannah Swensen has a delicious monopoly on the Lake Eden, Minnesota, bread industry thanks to The Cookie Jar. But things get tense when a competitor shop enters…

Hannah can only hope that spring will arrive soon and that the craze for the new Magnolia Blossom Bakery is a fleeting fad as she sits in her almost empty business on Groundhog Day. Hannah is getting annoyed with Lake Eden’s two Georgia transplants, Shawna Lee and Vanessa Quinn, for their southern hospitality, which is also depleting her earnings.

At least Hannah will be able to enjoy her business partner Lisa’s wedding. She transformed a beloved childhood delicacy of Lisa’s into an amazing Wedding Cookie Cake. Additionally, Lisa’s aunt is bringing her well-known Peach Cobbler to the celebration. Hannah, however, becomes agitated upon learning that Shawna Lee has been invited and will be bringing her special Peach Cobbler.

Having the Georgia Peach around bothers Hannah, especially since Shawna Lee and Detective Mike Kingston, Hannah’s ex-boyfriend, aren’t attending the wedding. Hannah has a sneaking suspicion that Mike is more intrigued with Shawna Lee’s baking prowess. After the reception, she investigates when she notices lights on inside the Magnolia Blossom Bakery and discovers Shawna Lee shot to death.

Everyone in the community was aware that the Magnolia Bakery was taking business away from the Cookie Jar, which is why Hannah is initially the most likely suspect. But Hannah is determined to show that she wasn’t the only one who had beef with the Quinn sisters, and she will do so with a little assistance from her friends. Hannah now has to find out who has the necessary materials to commit a murder because someone wasn’t duped by the Georgia Peaches’ charming act.

Peach Cobbler Murder

8. Cherry Cheesecake Murder

Though Hannah never imagined things would go this bad, there is no such thing as privacy in Lake Eden. Ever since she received not one, not two, but three marriage offers, everyone has been advising her on what to do. Hannah’s marital predicament is quickly sidelined by movie frenzy, which even gives her cat a chance at fame. For the week, Main Street is rented out, and The Cookie Jar acts as snack central. As she prepares desserts for the actors and staff, including the director Dean Lawrence’s favorite—cherry cheesecake—she starts a ton of new rumors.

Cherry Cheesecake Murder

9. Key Lime Pie Murder

Hannah Swensen has a busy week ahead of her. In addition to baking goodies for the chamber of commerce booth at the Tri-County fair, she’s also judging the baking competition, helping her business partner’s husband perform magic, trying to talk her once-rapacious cat, Moishe, to stop his hunger strike, and balancing her own personal carnival act while attending to her sisters and mother.

Hannah has a lot on her plate, so it’s understandable that she finds herself at the halfway point just before the fair ends for the evening. When she investigates after hearing a strange thump, she finds dead Willa Sunquist, a fellow bake contest judge and student teacher, next to an overturned key lime pie. However, who and why would want to kill Willa?

Hannah must now apply further pressure in the hopes that Willa’s murderer would falter and make an error. She plans to be there if that occurs, even if it means riding a carnival ride that might be her last.

Key Lime Pie Murder

10. Carrot Cake Murder

As she stirs up a storm for The Cookie Jar, Hannah Swensen has a lot on her plate. She will, however, always find time for Lisa, her business partner, who is getting ready for a sizable family gathering. When Lisa’s long-lost uncle unexpectedly shows up, everyone is ecstatic. Gus hasn’t been in contact with anyone for 25 years.

Uncle Gus becomes the instant star of the get-together. He’s practically as well-liked as Hannah’s delectable carrot cake. However, when the entire family gets together for the family portrait the following morning, one individual is absent. Hannah promises to locate Uncle Gus, but she makes an unexpected discovery in the process. She notices Gus’s lifeless body with an ice pick protruding from his chest next to two pieces of her notorious carrot cake, frosting-side down, on the ground near the pavilion’s bar.

It turns out that not everyone was happy about Gus’s homecoming after some detective work. Furthermore, Hannah finds a lot more people with grudges as she digs up information about Gus’s background. Hannah must now sort through a lengthy list of suspects in order to uncover the murderer—even if doing so could spell her own death…

Carrot Cake Murder

11. Cream Puff Murder

Hannah Swensen, the owner of a bakery, has a date with her sister Andrea at Heavenly Bodies, the newest health club in Lake Eden, and she needs to fit into a dress. It’s bad enough that she drags herself out of bed for workout on a chilly Minnesota morning. Finding the corpse of the man-eating bombshell Ronni Ward floating in the jacuzzi of the gym? Alright, that is more detrimental. It also doesn’t help that the murder scene is adorned with a dish of The Cookie Jar’s very own cream puffs.

Hannah is overburdened, trying to reduce the number of women in the community on Ronni’s enemy list to less than half. The problem is, there’s always room for one more when it comes to cookies—and murder.

Cream Puff Murder

12. Plum Pudding Murder

It’s the most delightful time of year, and also The Cookie Jar’s busiest time of year. for romance, Hannah’s unique plum pudding and Christmas goodies! The gaudy funfair ‘Lunatic Larry Jaeger’s Crazy Elf Christmas Tree Lot’, which is located right in the centre of the village green, also makes her laugh. Hannah finds the man dead as a doornail in his own office, though, later on.

With a plethora of suspects to look into and just a few days left till Christmas, Hannah is running out of time to find a deadly Scrooge who wants her to miss the New Year.

Plum Pudding Murder

13. Apple Turnover Murder

Baker Hannah Swensen has a full schedule in the early summer, even before the wife of Mayor Bascomb stops by The Cookie Jar to request eleven hundred cookies for her charity event! And when Lisa, Hannah’s business partner, recommends setting up an apple turnover stand, Hannah nearly loses it. She does, however, put her trust in Lisa and even consents to help a magician during the talent show at the benefit.

Bradford Ramsey, a college professor who hosts the programme, is the lone drawback. After unfavourable relationships with Ramsey for both Hannah and her sister Michelle, Hannah chastises the jerk for prowling about in between performances. However, when the curtain doesn’t rise, she finds Ramsey dead and holding a knife backstage. She now has to track down a murderer who is far more deadly and flakier than puff pastry.

Apple Turnover Murder

14. Devil’s Food Cake Murder

Life is sweet, Hannah Swensen must confess. Her bakery’s delicious treats are selling as quickly as she can produce them, and things are going great in the romance area. Even Claire, her close friend, is smitten with Reverend Bob Knudson, her new husband. Would that they could just find time for their honeymoon!

It appears to be a sign of divine intervention when Bob’s childhood buddy Matthew Walters arrives in the area. Like Bob, Matthew is a Lutheran minister who can’t seem to give up on sweets. Matthew is pleased to cover for Bob while he and Claire take their much-needed honeymoon because he is on sabbatical.

It seems like the ideal arrangement—that is, until Hannah discovers Matthew facedown with a single bullet in his brain, within a plate of Devil’s Food Cake. A bird that squawks, “The wages of sin is death,” is the only witness. Hannah will need to do some investigating to find the murderer.

Devil's Food Cake Murder

15. Cinnamon Roll Murder

For Hannah Swensen and her bakery, April is a busy month because people in Lake Eden, Minnesota, are craving sweets because of the nice weather. Hannah is thrilled to welcome the Cinnamon Roll Six jazz band to town by baking a large batch of their eponymous sweets when she learns that they will be performing at the town’s Weekend Jazz Festival.

Tragic events occur when the tour bus capssizes just before the festival starts. Buddy Neiman, the cherished keyboardist for the band, is one among the injured. Buddy seems to be recovering from a slight injury, but then things quickly get worse and he could perhaps be dead.

Although Hannah is not a medical professional, she believes that Buddy’s condition might be related to the surgical scissors that were inserted into his chest. Nothing is better than bringing a murderer to justice, even though Hannah is unsure of exactly how she will solve the riddle.

Cinnamon Roll Murder

16. Red Velvet Cupcake Murder

In Lake Eden, Minnesota, this summer has been warmer than usual, so Hannah Swensen is attempting to stay cool both inside and outside of her bakery. However, she’s about to learn the hard way that nothing beats a cold-blooded murder for relief on a sweltering day.

An employee of the police department almost dies while falling from a penthouse during the grand opening of a nearby hotel, and subsequently, Hannah’s less-than-friendly relationship with another lady ends in death. Hannah is the main suspect, thus she needs to identify the person who iced the victim in order to clear her own identity.

Red Velvet Cupcake Murder

17. Blackberry Pie Murder

The summer has been quiet for the residents of Lake Eden, Minnesota. The Swensen family hasn’t actually seen a dead corpse in four months—a fact that recently hit the front page of the local newspaper. Thus, Hannah Swensen will be able to concentrate on her bakery at last, or can she?

Hannah’s life is never truly quiet. Ultimately, her mother’s nuptials are approaching in just over a month, and guess who’s in charge of the arrangements? Just when Hannah thinks the hardest part of decorating the cake would be deciding between fondant and buttercream, she drives her cookie truck down a meandering country road in a violent thunderstorm and unintentionally hits a stranger.

Guilt-ridden Hannah’s situation worsens as she is taken into custody—for murder! However, an examination quickly indicates that even if Hannah hadn’t hit the mystery man, who had blackberry pie stains all over his shirt, he would still have died. She will now need to follow a trail of pie crumbs to identify the deceased, learn how he came to be in her path, and make it to the church on time in order to clear her name.

Blackberry Pie Murder

18. Double Fudge Brownie Murder

Hannah Swensen finds it difficult to concentrate on her bakery at the present because of an unplanned vacation to Las Vegas, an ongoing romantic triangle that could soon become a quadrangle, and her anxiety over her impending trial for her role in a horrific tragedy.

She is anxious to clear her record once and for all when she returns to Lake Eden, Minnesota, but her problems only get worse when she discovers that the judge was killed by bludgeoning with his own gavel, and Hannah is the main suspect. Now on trial in the public opinion court, she searches for the guilty party and learns that the judge had numerous opponents throughout his tenure. Hannah has a limited amount of time to review all the evidence and get the court back into order.

Double Fudge Brownie Murder

19. Wedding Cake Murder

Though some in Lake Eden, Minnesota, might have doubted it, Hannah Swensen is finally getting married! She is even more excited when she finds out that the man of her dreams will be able to travel with her to New York City to compete in the Food Channel’s dessert chef competition. Before Hannah wins the Hometown Challenge, they get a taste of life in the Big Apple. The producers then gather all the participants to Lake Eden to tape the remaining portion of the show.

Being assessed by celebrity chef and unpleasant guy Alain Duquesne is nerve-wracking enough. Even more horrifying is discovering that he was fatally stabbed inside the walk-in cooler of the Lake Eden Inn—before he’d had a chance to sample Hannah’s butterscotch sugar cookies! Hannah is going to have to solve a mystery that has more layers than a five-tiered wedding cake now that she has lost her advantage.

Wedding Cake Murder

20. Christmas Caramel Murder

Christmas usually comes to Lake Eden, Minnesota, with the gentleness of reindeer landing on a rooftop, but this year at this time of year, Hannah Swensen’s chimney is only being used to carry out murder cases.

The town’s annual presentation of A Christmas Carol will contain delicacies provided by Hannah and her friend Lisa. But, chaos ensues in the shape of a Santa sack full of mischief before anyone can say, “Bah, humbug!” such is the fact that Lisa’s spouse would portray Mr. Claus to Mrs. Claus, Phyllis Bates, his former girlfriend.

Or that Phyllis is discovered dead in the snow, dressed in a costume that the actual Mrs. Claus would have placed on the naughty list, even before the curtains open. Before long, the number of suspects increases more quickly than snowdrifts, and an amusing killer is still at large. To solve this mystery in time for the holidays, it might take a visit from ghosts of Christmas past because the clues are so elusive.

Christmas Caramel Murder

21. Banana Cream Pie Murder

The ideal way to begin a marriage is with a seven-day romantic vacation, according to bakery owner Hannah Swensen. However, it appears that the newlyweds’ return won’t be as pleasant as planned because a murder case is intensifying back in Minnesota.

Hannah can’t wait to move to Lake Eden and fulfil her household fantasies. However, the below condo is found to have been the murder scene of her mother’s neighbour. During her brief stay in the city, Victoria Bascomb—once a well-known stage actress—was involved in the theatre scene and made a lot of enemies. Was it a random invader who killed the woman, as the police say, or was there a more sinister plot involved? It may be harder to solve this case and live to tell about it than it is to make the best banana cream pie, as Hannah sorts through a tonne of suspects and encounters some new difficulties of her own.

Banana Cream Pie Murder

22. Raspberry Danish Murder

Hannah Swensen’s husband, Ross, disappeared without a trace, leaving their marriage in limbo, and she has been feeling as bitter as November in Minnesota. Still, as holiday orders stream into The Cookie Jar, she loses herself in a baking frenzy for pumpkin pie and other Thanksgiving-themed goodies. Even a raspberry Danish pastry is added to the menu, and P.K., the KCOW-TV assistant to Hannah’s husband, will be among the first to test it.

However, P.K., who has been borrowing Ross’s desk at work and driving his car, is killed before he can even take a mouthful. Was P.K. the target of a conspiracy, or did Ross escape a deadly dose of sweet revenge? Hannah has to work fast to sort through a deluge of leads and potential suspects in order to prevent a murderer from committing another murder.

Raspberry Danish Murder

23. Christmas Cake Murder

Hannah’s life is similar to the busy December hustle and bustle in Lake Eden as her ambition of opening The Cookie Jar takes shape—especially when she decides to assist in reenacting a magnificent historical Christmas ball in honour of Essie Granger, an elderly local who is receiving hospice care. But instead of scouring elegant dessert recipes for the joyous occasion, she is captivated by Essie’s old journals and the story of a woman who manages to escape danger while wandering the streets of New York.

Hannah is taken aback by Essie’s hidden knack for writing mystery fiction. When the narrative becomes true, she is even more taken aback. It will be a real miracle if Hannah can solve a puzzle as complicated as a Christmas fruitcake in order to avert another Yuletide catastrophe as she gets ready to open a bakery and move out of her mother’s house.

Christmas Cake Murder

24. Chocolate Cream Pie Murder

Hannah hopes to draw attention to her bakery rather than the shady controversy encircling her personal life when The Cookie Jar is the backdrop for a star-studded TV show about films shot in Minnesota. But with a shifty character she once thought was her one and only love, a bunch of bodyguards watching her every move, and a murder victim in her bedroom, that’s almost impossible.

Now, Hannah teams up with an old flame to solve a case that’s messier than an upside-down chocolate cream pie, substituting the crime scene from her condo for her mother Delores’s penthouse. Hannah has to deal a heavy dose of justice to an unidentified killer who is lurking around Lake Eden as suspects come to light and secrets are revealed close to home.prior to someone slicing into her!

Chocolate Cream Pie Murder

25. Coconut Layer Cake Murder

Hannah leaves a Los Angeles movie sound stage and heads straight home to cold Minnesota when she finds out that her sister Michelle’s boyfriend, Detective Lonnie Murphy, is the main suspect in a murder investigation. But given Lonnie’s fuzzy recollection of the incident, establishing Lonnie’s innocence will be more difficult than determining what went wrong with a recipe. Hannah is unsure about her beliefs. Hannah has to gather enough evidence to uncover a flaky killer before everything falls in on Lonnie like a massive slice of coconut layer cake.

Coconut Layer Cake Murder

26. Christmas Cupcake Murder

As Hannah quickly crosses off items on a long holiday to-do list, drama in the town swells like Santa’s belly on Christmas Eve. Lisa needs Hannah’s advise, Michelle’s love life is getting tough, Delores has a Christmas secret she won’t reveal, and her sister Andrea wants to beat the blues by volunteering at The Cookie Jar. But nothing kills the spirit of the holidays like the unsolved mystery of the man who was discovered almost dead in an abandoned shop two doors down from Hannah’s bakery…

A puzzled John Doe cannot remember anything about himself, save for his unique skill in restoring old furniture. Hannah has to solve a perilous problem that might need her to run for her life in the snow, and she only has enough time to bake Christmas cookies!

Christmas Cupcake Murder

27. Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder

In Lake Eden, Minnesota, spring has sprung, but Hannah Swensen is too busy baking pastries, making hot cross buns, and clearing her sister’s name to take the time to stop and smell the roses.

Easter orders at The Cookie Jar are coming in faster than she can handle, and Hannah also has a lavish feast to prepare for her mother’s penthouse dinner party. However, everything comes to an abrupt end when Hannah gets a terrified call from her sister Andrea, who informs her that Mayor Richard Bascomb has been killed and that she is the main suspect.

Mayor Bascomb had been especially irritable in the days preceding his murder, despite his reputation as a bully, which made Hannah question if he was aware that he was in danger. Certainly, there are a lot of suspects to sort through. And Hannah has to go into detective gear and find the real killer before another murder occurs as orders at The Cookie Jar are piling up and kids are waiting in queue for Easter egg hunts!

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder

28. Caramel Pecan Roll Murder

Hannah accepts a delightful diversion from her daily work at The Cookie Jar when she is asked to assist in preparing pastries at the neighbourhood inn for a glamorous fishing tournament featuring famous names and even bigger rewards. But the good times end when she sees the dead body of the well-known celebrity spokesman for the event floating on a runway boat in the lake.

There was no one more aware of Sonny Bowman’s ability to pull off winning catches than his sadly overworked sidekick, Joey, the renowned TV show host. Did Joey ultimately exact brutal retribution on his haughty boss, or did a jealous competitor murder Sonny?

In order to identify a cunning culprit before another gullible victim goes under, Hannah teams up with her sister Andrea. With treats to bake and a jumble of new obstacles jumbled into her personal life, it’s either sink or swim.

Caramel Pecan Roll Murder

29. Pink Lemonade Cake Murder

The Tri-County Summer Solstice Celebration has arrived in the community, and while serving delectable pink lemonade treats, Hannah draws attention from local athletes, artists, and marching bands in addition to her own fan base. However, when a body is discovered, the celebration loses its meaning, and people start to question whether this is the deadliest and longest day of the year.

A former MLB star has tragically passed away, and the list of suspects could cover a small stadium given the rumours circulating about his background. Delores, Hannah’s mother, who openly harboured resentment towards the victim following his memorable dunking of her in the tank during a prior county fair, may soon be one of them. A life-altering news at The Cookie Jar, her mother’s innocence at stake, and an abundance of desserts to bake make Hannah realise that failure is not an option as she embarks on a perilous investigation into the merciless murderer who is genuinely unmatched…

Pink Lemonade Cake Murder

30. Pumpkin Chiffon Pie Murder

While the Harvest Festival at Lake Eden drives The Cookie Jar into a pumpkin spice coma, Hannah divides her attention between baking delicious treats and living in her little condo with Norman Rhodes and his cat, Cuddles. After Norman’s ideal home burned down over the summer due to a criminal who was desperately trying to hide a horrifying truth, it’s an awkward but necessary answer.

Nobody knows anything about the body discovered amidst the rubble, the arsonist, or the ancient high school class ring that was partially melted by the fire. Hannah, however, realises someone might be plotting violent retaliation against former classmates when a celebration results in the discovery of another slain graduate, and she has to quickly devise a plan to find out who…

Hannah now has to work as a makeshift event planner with her family’s assistance to throw an alumni party for every class at the school gym and lure a ruthless killer out of hiding. Can Hannah expose their secret and yet survive to eat another chiffon pie, though, if the real offender RSVPs?

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie Murder

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