Top Mystery Picks for September 2021

1. If You Tell

When Nikki, Sami, and Tori Knotek hear the word mom, it’s like an eagle’s talons snatching at their memories from their childhood, which they’ve kept hidden. Up until now, that is.

For many years, Shelly, their evil mother, tortured and abused her two daughters in secret in their farmhouse near Raymond, Washington. The strong relationship Nikki, Sami, and Tori formed as a result of the ordeal made them far less vulnerable than Shelly had anticipated. While others were sucked into their mother’s sinister web, the sisters were able to flee a rapidly worsening situation that ended in several killings.

If You Tell is a narrative of extreme evil and the freedom and justice Nikki, Sami, and Tori risked their lives to fight for, told from the perspective of a survivor. Together they discovered a way out of the darkness that had been holding them back, and now they are the strong women they are today—loving, being loved, and going forward.

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2. Welcome to Cooper

Cooper, Nebraska, is a sleepy little hamlet that you’d only find if you’d made a really bad turn in your travels. The same may be said for the career of Detective Thomas Levine. It’s Cooper’s only hope when a young woman is found dead with her eyes gouged out in the snow after being choked to death.

Being “transferred” from the big metropolis to this filthy backwater has always felt like punishment to Levine, who is still in mourning and guilt-ridden over the murder of his lover. All hope of atonement is dashed when Levine’s irascible new colleague uses Levine’s gun to kill their main suspect. As a result of the disarray in the case, as well as extortion and an aggressive drug cartel, he finds himself in serious difficulty.

It only gets worse from here. However, the true assassin is still at large, and he has a plot in store for DC Levine. And Cooper may be the ideal location for a murderer to get away with it.

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3. Dawn Caravan

Everything has changed for Ben Vecchio. His pupillary response. His way of life, specifically his eating habits. He’s developed an aversion to the sun. Despite his fears, Ben returns to the United States after a lengthy stay in China to find that his world hasn’t changed all that much. He wants to put the past behind him, but there’s one job that won’t let him go.

Radu’s enigma is far too engrossing—and lucrative—to overlook. What exactly is the issue? Taking on this project puts Ben in direct contact with his former business partner, a lady he’s been trying to avoid for years.

Tenzin has been keeping an eye on Ben from afar, hoping that his rage will subside. However, when he travels to Romania, her forbearance wears thin. The fact that Ben is a new vampire with unique abilities means that there will be many eager test subjects.

To uncover the truth about Radu, his enigmatic tribe, and the hidden wealth at the centre of the Dawn Caravan, Ben and Tenzin must work together. Just one more thing to do, and they’ll be done.


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4. Widow Falls

Sloane finds out the hard way when she accepts a position at Widow Falls, a notorious whitewater rafting camp known for more than just summertime pleasure.

Widow Falls is the site of numerous reported disappearances.

She’s only the latest in a long line of tour guides. In her new one-room apartment, Sloane can’t help but ask questions and investigate the disappearances she’s heard about as she settles into her new life with the five other guides. However, when her new roommates tell her tales of the mysterious folklore surrounding the lonely camp, she becomes nervous. All of this is based on superstition.

There’s more to the myths than she’s been told when Sloane finds a clue and a coded message under the floorboards of their loft.

Widow Falls is a dangerous place, and you should never rely on anyone there.

Sloane can’t help but see similarities between herself and the guide she replaced as she investigates clues to find out what happened to him.

Which girl ended up in the woods?
What is it about the others that makes them refuse to assist her in her search?
Is everyone in this group in jeopardy?

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5. Good as Dead

This whole ordeal begins with a stranger’s promise: We’ll take care of everything.

The husband of Holly Kendrick has passed away. Holly was in the thick of it all. A hit-and-run accident completely upends Holly’s plans in an instant. Holly is then approached by a fixer working for the high-powered guilty party, who makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

In exchange for their silence, Holly and Savannah will get anything they desire, starting with their own luxurious dream home. They pay a high price when their abrupt entrance in the posh neighbourhood of Calabasas, California, intrigues their neighbours. And this is the reason why: other people have secrets, too.

Written from multiple perspectives, Good as Dead follows a diverse collection of people brought together by a crime, a cover-up, and further lies. How far will people go to protect the ones they care about when their neatly crafted lives start to fall apart?

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