30 Best Regency Romance Books to read in 2024

Regency Romance Books

Welcome to the realm of Regency romance books, where debutantes and dukes negotiate the complex relationships between society and love. Here, courtship customs are as complex as the attire, and one dance has the power to ignite a lifetime of desire.

Despite being a brief period in history, the Regency era has had a profound impact on readers worldwide, serving as the setting for innumerable love stories set in nineteenth-century England. You’re in the perfect place whether you’re searching for your next favorite romance novel or you’re a die-hard romance reader who has fallen in love with historical dramas.

Let’s explore the ethereal realm of the Regency era and discover what drives it.

Best Regency Romance Books

1. An Arranged Betrothal with an Icy Duke

Miss Edith Tidemore has always yearned for real love and happiness. She is a kind soul who loves music and the less fortunate. But when Edith’s aspirational father sets her up with the infamous Duke of Fairglen, she is thrown into a world of power, riches, and murky secrets.

Edith sets out to discover the gentleman behind the hideous façade, determined to make the most of her new existence, never realising the depths of love and devotion she would find beneath his broken heart.

The Duke of Fairglen, Henry Fitzhugh, is a gentleman whose heart has been hardened by treachery and suffering. He is plagued by his history.

Distinguished by his ferocious temper and savage manner, he has long since abandoned the notion of love, happy to lead a solitary and self-serving life. The walls he has constructed around his heart, however, start to crumble when Edith walks into his life. Her unflinching compassion and gentle attitude force him to face the ghosts of his past and the hope of a better future.

Edith and Henry must learn to believe in the strength of their relationship and the power of love as secrets threaten to break them apart and the ghosts of Henry’s past loom large. To untangle the web of lies that envelops them and seize the happiness they so richly deserve, they will need to muster all the bravery and dedication they can muster together.

They learn that their shared love, which has the capacity to change even the most heartless people and heal even the deepest scars, is their greatest treasure in the face of hardship.

An Arranged Betrothal

2. What a Duke Does for Love

After her brother, Lady Marlena Ashover, passes away, she is dubious of what actually happened to him and is filled with excruciating sadness. Despite persuading her family to visit London on the pretext of the Season, Marlena makes a secret promise to look into her brother’s death and determine its real cause. Marlena discovers the greatest love in her life in a young Duke who wants to support her in her quest and is also a devoted friend.

Despite the risks, will Marlena be able to unravel the mystery of her brother’s death? Is the good-natured Duke the one who will make her miserable life better?

The Duke of Claypool, Ryan Wellston, has only ever truly felt affection for Marlena. But despite his best efforts to support her and make her happy, he is facing enormous obstacles that threaten to dash his hopes and goals. Nevertheless, Ryan is committed to doing all within his power to uncover the shocking truths about James’s murderer and motivation. Is it possible for the charming Duke to reveal the truth? When will he ever put a smile on his beloved Marlena’s face?

If only everything could be as it seems…

Even though Ryan and Marlena can’t ignore their growing affections, they must first address the disarray in their lives. especially considering that there is someone out to get them and ruin their only chance at happiness. Will the two soul mates work together to repair their past scars and reveal an awful truth? Or will their developing love be permanently overshadowed by the present dangers and emotional upheaval?

What a Duke Does for Love

3. Letters from a Sinful Colonel

With everything save her priceless freedom, the lovely Lady Rachel Hampton was raised in a wealthy but traditional family. Her dream of a love that could break free her golden cage was born out of her parents’ exclusion from London’s immoral upper class. However, her thoughts of finding true happiness will be dashed by an arranged marriage when the time comes to choose a mate.

She had no idea that the most passionate and evil guy in the world would soon enter her life and completely alter it when he was commissioned to paint her portrait. Rachel’s encounter with the alluring artist would entice her naive mind and provoke the most unsuitable ideas.

Will Rachel eventually rebel against her parents’ wishes for her scandalous affair when his scorching touch puts her heart on fire?

William Smith is a young man who exudes charm and fire. He is a highly sought-after and gifted artist in London. He soon discovers that Rachel is the most alluring woman he has ever set eyes on and that she is very different from all the snobbish ladies of the ton after Rachel’s parents hire him to paint her picture.

Nevertheless, when he can’t help but be drawn to her intense beauty and the intense need that blazes between them, things get dangerously tangled. Will he be able to restrain his wild need even if he knows he is putting her in danger?

Beginning with their first painting session, Rachel and William engage in a shameful game of seduction that culminates in a covert sexual relationship. Despite their disparate social backgrounds, their intense romantic attraction ignites a bond that only gets deeper with time.

But when Rachel’s parents discover their passionate relationship, it appears that their love will be met with a harsh society that vehemently opposes their split. Will Rachel and William decide to take a chance on everything in order to give in to their forbidden desire, or will their terrible misfortune overwhelm their relationship?

Letters from a Sinful Colonel

4. The Songbird of a Duke’s Heart

In her brief life, Emma Dalcour has experienced more tragedy than anyone should have to endure. She is taken in by her aunt, who serves as the Duke of St. Albans’ governess, after becoming an orphan. She takes care to stay entirely hidden there until she is old enough to be assigned as a maid. But her lovely voice quickly draws the attention of everyone, even young Henry, the duke’s oldest son.

What may occur if, years later, Henry returns from college and Emma is drawn to him because of his charm? Will Emma have the courage to accept an unbelievable love?

Henry, who is a man of honor, is responsible for looking after and defending his three younger siblings. He has recently become engaged to Lady Margaret, but after seeing the alluring songbird of his estate for the first time, his heart is telling him to go in a another direction. But Henry has a lot on his plate, and he finds it difficult to avoid an apparent destiny.

He’s torn between duty and love, and he’s looking for the solution to this problem passionately.

Over time, what starts out as a relationship between two young kids becomes into an unquestionable love. Sadly, there are many obstacles in the way of happiness, particularly if someone is trying to eliminate Emma from the picture.

Over time, what starts out as a relationship between two young kids becomes into an unquestionable love. Sadly, there are many obstacles in the way of happiness, particularly if someone is trying to eliminate Emma from the picture. Will Emma and Henry manage to get over the obstacles and fill the huge chasm that separates their classes? Or will their unwavering commitment to duty and overwhelming expectations destroy them?

The Songbird of a Duke's Heart

5. Rogue Countess (Regency Rogues Book 1)

The Countess of Blackbourne, who was duped and coerced into marriage, will never forgive her husband.

Jude Sinclair, the Earl of Blackbourne, returns to England after a torturous eight years away with the only intention of finding his wife and ending his absurd marriage. He is startled to feel a strong attraction to the person his wife has transformed into, even though he is jaded and hardened from his self-imposed exile. But that won’t change his intention to get rid of her for good.

Anna Locke is a successful owner of some of the best Thoroughbred stables in Britain. She is clever and determined. Faced with a threat from a swindler who is determined to keep Jude in the dark about their real marital situation, Anna is forced to decide whether to stand up for Jude or defend him.

Due to a history of dishonesty, Anna and Jude’s marriage turns into a conflict between their fervent rage and audacious desire. Can they get past their mistrust of one another and uncover a long-kept secret before it ruins them?

Rogue Countess

6. A Loveless Marriage Proposal to a Spinster

Born to a devoted and retired father, Madeline has never harbored grudges about her circumstances. She and her father don’t have much money, but they do live in a reasonably comfortable home, and she has access to a great education that few can match. Madeline is not very attractive, and she has never drawn attention from men, but she also doesn’t have the conceited nature that calls for it.

Her sole regret is that she will almost certainly not have children in the future because she is twenty-six and will therefore almost certainly become a spinster. Madeline had always wanted a child and taught the local youths to read and write. But a dream like that can never come true without a husband.

However, Madeline suddenly finds herself a wealthy woman after the death of an old friend of her father’s. Men from far and wide now ignore her age as their avaricious eyes fix on her dowery. None of them are sincere, pursuing her based just on her appearance and personality. Only Damian Fairhurst, Duke of Cornwall, is sincere.

It’s refreshing to hear Damian’s candid revelation that all he wants is her money, and his offer of a loveless marriage is more alluring than other suitors’ blatant deception. Damian, whose holdings are in financial devastation, assures Madeline that once her dowery gets his companies back on track, she will live a life of wealthy comfort. Madeline consents as long as she gets her want to have children.

When the refined Madeline Moore asks for a child in return for her hand in marriage, Damian remains silent. Damian doesn’t think he can raise a child because he is an illegitimate son and has never experienced a father’s love. But he gives in to Madeline’s willpower, and he accepts. Even though he doesn’t want to fall in love with his new wife, he at least wants to be able to support any child that may come between them.

A Loveless Marriage Proposal to a Spinster

7. The Duke’s Spirited Spinster: A Historical Regency Romance Novel

Following her terrible courtship, Lady Anna vowed never to put her trust in anybody again. She also swears to be a spinster in spite of her brother’s best attempts to find her a husband!

Duke Edmund hates the ton and everything it represents. However, he must complete his obligation, despite the relentless efforts of a lively spinster to obstruct him.

She finds it difficult to maintain her distance from the annoying Duke as he begins to plague her thoughts. But when a rival makes a threat to divulge Anna’s most sinister secret, the magic is broken. A secret that nobody knows about, but Edmund.

The Dukes Spirited Spinster

8. Grace (The Shackleford Sisters Book 1)

Aside from making sure the collection box was appropriately full every Sunday, Reverend Augustus Shackleford’s life’s work was to arrange for each of his eight daughters to marry well. An ambitious request, considering that the Reverend believed that none of the eight bodies they shared contained a single ladylike bone. It remained a wonder to him where he would locate a wealthy and titled gentlemen who was willing to challenge him, and it would even put his renowned inventiveness to the test.

Nicholas Sinclair, who suffered severe injuries during the Battle of Trafalgar, just recently made his way back to Blackmore after learning of his father’s untimely death. The new Duke knew full well that he had a duty to marry and bear an heir as soon as possible, after a twenty-year hiatus. But after his horrifying experiences in the conflict, Nicholas was plagued by recurrent nightmares and lacked the taste to risk the town’s marriage market to find a submissive, obedient wife.

Reverend Shackleford never would have imagined that the new Duke of Blackmore would make an offer for his oldest daughter. The Reverend knew, of course, that he was stretching the truth a little when he called Grace submissive, meek, or polite, but he could never have predicted that the mischievous behavior of his eldest daughter would end up wrecking them all.


9. Yours Truly, The Duke: Say I Do

Fredericka Hale must find a husband quickly. She has been raising her deceased sister’s three small children, and now a relative without children has asked the court to grant her custody. Fredericka can’t stop her, but if she had a husband, the decision may be different. Fredericka won’t want to rush into a marriage with a man she doesn’t know, much less fall in love with, but she’ll do it for the kids.

She accepts the proposal from the dashing Duke of Wyatthaven when he shows up. He will support her, but their lives will remain apart in exchange. Distance, however, is powerless to stop their intense attraction.

The Duke of Wyatthaven is a great player in London and is not interested in getting married. Nevertheless, Wyatt will forfeit a substantial bequest from his grandmother if he is not married by the end of the week. Wyatt views this small snag as resolved when his attorney locates Miss Fredericka Hale. Miss Hale is smart and beautiful. Above all, she is happier in the country than in London, so he may carry on with his life as usual.

But Wyatt can’t help but admit he’s always been enchanted by Fredericka when events drive her and the kids to show up at the duke’s door. Will the duke yield to the intense affection that is developing between them and abandon his single life?

Yours Truly, The Duke: Say I Do

10. Two Dances and a Duke (The Seduction Book 1)

Bea is miserable because of her curves and is tormented by a Mean Girl; yet, she overcomes social disaster and earns the hand and love of a duke.

Lady Regina Haywood has humiliated Miss Beatrice Valentine for her curves, and she is having a terrible debut season. Bea finds herself divided between Regina’s brother, the valiant Duke of Lennox, and her fiancé, the haughty, irritable Lord Peregrine, despite Regina’s best efforts to turn Bea into a wallflower.

Bea is adamant about being married to a good man—and by no means, someone close to Regina. However, one of these gentlemen will succeed in his attempt to seduce her.

Two Dances and a Duke

11. A Duke Torn Between Love and Duty

Celestina Courtenay has always complied with instructions and followed the guidelines. But when her spouse passes away and leaves her penniless, everything in her life falls apart. Men all around her offer to help, but she’s not sure who to trust, if any at all. She can rely on her maid and her close friend Sylvia, at least.

An old buddy gives her a job in a desperate moment, bringing back memories of a prior relationship. Feeling a mixture of fear and determination, Celestina takes advantage of this chance, desperate for order in the middle of turmoil.

Will Celestina’s future hold new hope as a result of this support?

When Richard Kingsley’s distant uncle passed away, he was taken aback to discover himself swiftly moving up the social ladder. He takes his responsibilities as the new Duke of Exeter very seriously. Hearing about Celestina’s situation, his childhood sweetheart, stirs feelings in him that are part responsibility and part lingering affection.

He wants to help her because he remembers their carefree, carefree relationship, but he is fully aware of Celestina’s staunch independence. Developing a strategy that enables him to provide more assistance without appearing to be a philanthropic endeavor becomes his goal.

Will he be able to get close to her without her getting upset?

When Celestina comes back to Richard’s reality, their love blossoms. However, threats from a rival and his mother’s meddling remain significant. Will Richard and Celestina be able to get past everyone’s criticism? If only Richard could manage to protect her from danger… What matters most is if their previous emotions will rekindle.

A Duke Torn Between Love and Duty

12. The Honourable Lucas Kincaid

Her protector is a gentleman. If only he weren’t.

Although Felicity Taylor and Lucas Kincaid, her guardian, don’t always agree on many issues, they both feel that Felicity Taylor’s twenty-first birthday is approaching far too soon. Felicity is an heiress, but if she marries without Kincaid’s approval, she would forfeit her wealth.

Unless, of course, she waits to become an adult, at which point she will be free to get married without his consent. Felicity has also decided to wait until she becomes twenty-one to make her society debut because she detests asking Kincaid for anything.

Although Kincaid hasn’t had an easy time being Felicity’s guardian, his final task—finding Felicity a chaperone for the Season—shouldn’t be too tough. He believes that Miss Jane Harris, his own future wife, is the ideal candidate. Unfortunately, Felicity does not have the approval of the worthy Miss Harris.

The Honourable Lucas Kincaid

13. His Inconvenient Duchess

Joanna is found alone with the infamous Cold Duke of Nettledown, shattering her hopes of finding love.

A controversy is the last thing Henry needs. particularly as he needs to shield curious eyes from his family’s pursuits. He is therefore forced to marry Joanna and has no other option.

Henry promises that this union will only be for practical reasons. Joanna, though, is adamant about tearing down her husband’s barriers. Even if it means learning what he keeps hidden in his castle…

His Inconvenient Duchess

14. Under the Spell of Dashing Ladies

Book # 1: A Lady’s Fairytale Come True

Olivia Digby has always questioned whether she will ever find her own Prince Charming because she was raised in a world where real love didn’t exist. But everything changes when an affluent heiress unexpectedly summons her to her mansion with a peculiar request: to assist her rude grandson, Nathaniel Norton. Young Earl Nathaniel is more interested in studying medicine than tying the knot with a woman from a respectable household. He won’t stand by as his grandma arranges for him to be paired with a young woman he’s never heard of.

Nevertheless, Olivia and Nathaniel will seize the opportunity to approach one another in spite of all the odds, and their love will begin to blossom in a way they never imagined. But will their feelings be resilient enough to withstand the disclosure of a long-kept secret? Or would a great love ultimately be thwarted by their differences in class?

Book # 2: A Guardian Angel for the Lonely Lady

Alicia never thought she would experience such tremendous thrills in life until she was attacked by robbers and saved by the most attractive man she had ever laid eyes on. But in addition to losing his wife, this handsome guy Duncan has also lost his hope for love.He never would have imagined that this fiery Lady would be the one to return the butterflies to his chest. However, what will he do if Alicia’s fiancé moves in with him?

Will he give in once more and allow the one opportunity to fall in love to pass? Sometimes a robbery that appears random may not actually be random; instead, it may be the result of a sinister secret from the past. To what extent will Duncan go to demonstrate that his goal is not only to save Alicia’s life but also to win her heart?

Book # 3: The Precious Secret of a Loving Governess

Victoria Jamison is a woman who understands the advantages of society and riches. But following her family’s downfall, she is compelled to work as a governess. She works to gain the affinities of his daughter after being employed by the handsome Earl Reginald Fairfax, but she quickly learns a sad secret: Reginald is haunted by the loss of his late wife and the engagement to a lady he does not love. As if that weren’t enough, she will finally come to understand that the fact that he is falling in love with her is simply making his inner turmoil worse.

When their paths eventually collide, Victoria discovers that the secret she’s unearthed has the power to either permanently unite them or drive them apart. Will their love be able to transcend social expectations? Will they give in to a routine, boring life remote from the emancipating force of their love, or will they make a compromise?

Under the Spell of Dashing Ladies

15. Dukes to Fall in Love With

Book # 1: A Beauty for the Scarred Duke

Isabella has never been more afraid than when the Earl of Upperton sells his daughter to the disfigured Duke as a wife. She genuinely feels her life is ending since she married a man she has never met and has always thought to be a monster. But is there truly anything to be terrified of in a life with the Duke?

Is it possible for Isabella to get past her own prejudice and recognize the man behind the scars? Will the Duke be able to start over with a new love and let go of the hurt and guilt that have consumed him for nearly twenty years?

Book # 2: Kind Ella and the Charming Duke

Ella Winfield must take action to prevent the man she is rapidly growing attracted to from being directed toward Lady Patience or Lady Georgiana while avoiding being found out by the family who have been abandoning her one by one. The Earl of Dandridge is concocting the most heinous schemes to keep the Duke interested in his own daughters.

Book # 3: A Damsel for the Mysterious Duke

The man named Emerson Lockhart has a secret. He knows painfully that he was not always the Duke of Calder, even though he is now one. And he is relieved to learn that Miss Georgina Jeffries, who he was previously her only friend and servant in her home, does not remember him when he sees her again after over a decade. But Georgina discovers herself traveling back in time when the Duke abandons his previous monikers for her.

Dukes to Fall in Love With

16. The Cursed Duke and his Bluestocking

“As I said, my lady. I’m the devil incarnate, even when I try not to be.”

The knowledge of her parents’ marital status crushed Lady Emily’s idealistic beliefs. She has vowed never to get married and has grown to detest males. Unfortunately, carelessness may happen to even the most cautious woman.

The Duke of Hillington, Charles Harding, feels that everyone who is near him is facing death. He vows to never again allow someone to be harmed by this curse. Never again will he love, even if it means his death.

It was too late when they realized they had been alone on that patio. Their agreement is now written in their vows: he will never deceive her, and she will never love him. If only everything were that easy.

The Cursed Duke and his Bluestocking

17. Bared to the Wicked Baron

The Earl of Brimsey’s daughter, Helena Avington, has never in her life gone to a Season. Now a spinster in need of a miracle, her family is in dire straits.

The Baron of Havordshire and vowed bachelor Sir Philip Andrews is certain that no lady will take in his insane mother. He went to the Season under pressure from his friends, but he never imagined that he would meet the woman who would melt his heart.

Helena sees Philip as the man of her dreams on the evening of her debut. But when someone offers a large amount to have her for himself and puts Philip’s life in danger, her happiness turns to ashes in her mouth. Because death has a kind face when the masks come off…

Bared to the Wicked Baron

18. Lords of Scandal

Now let the party begin.

Lady Emily Chase is certain that nothing good can come of the six stunning debutantes who unintentionally wander into the shady gaming hell known only as the Den of Sins. The men who rule the establishment are lords of good standing in disguise, which is even more upsetting. Her sisters and cousins now know their secret as well. The Earl of Effington, her fiancé, is their leader, which is the worst of all. Everything is going to blow up.

Lords of Scandal

19. The Vengeful Duke

“You are the missing piece that completed my soul.”

Duke Edward’s life of solitude was forced upon him due to his reputation as a murderer, which scorched his soul. But then, when he encounters Lady Bridget in the depths of his sorrow, the hope that once burned inside him returns.

Lady Bridget has always found the complexity of the human heart to be fascinating. She is intrigued to the mysterious Duke Edward’s cold demeanor and views him as a puzzle that has to be solved when she first meets him.

As they face their deepest pasts, their love becomes stronger than a tempest, but opposition is sure to follow. Their affection is threatened by Lady Bridget’s relatives. Additionally, the impending storm could put out the fire in their hearts…

The Vengeful Duke

20. A Tempting Maid for the Beastly Duke

Rose Browning is adopted by her aunt, a knowledgeable herbal medicine healer, following the untimely death of her parents. Rose spends her days collecting herbs until she has a nasty tumble in the forest one fateful morning. The aloof and vicious Duke of Montford finds her.

Rose awakens to see a fascinating man who is not at all repulsed by his disfiguring scar, in contrast to his terrifying and demonic reputation. She quickly agrees to the mystery man’s offer to work as a maid at his manor after becoming enthralled with his intense desire.

Will her blazing romance be extinguished by the village’s animosity toward the Duke?

William Ashford, Duke of Montford, has been holed up in his gloomy castle ever since the war ended, haunted by his scar and the atrocities he saw. He loves being alone after being shunned by society and called a monster. When the seductive Rose begins working for him, his heart—which had previously been as icy as the surrounding stone walls—begins to melt. William’s scars mending more and more each time they spend time together creates room for his wild love for Kate.

If only his alluring rose could also mend his broken heart…

Rose’s aunt is suspicious as their intense love develops into a scandalous relationship, and her younger brother unintentionally becomes a pawn in a risky plot after being influenced by rumors in the community. But the real danger, which seeks to destroy the duke and all he values, materializes out of the shadows. Can the love between Rose and William triumph against betrayal, revenge, and social disdain? Will they be able to get past the ghosts of their past and create a bright future full of ardent love and hope?

A Tempting Maid for the Beastly Duke

21. A Pirate’s Tantalizing Passion

Miss Maria, the daughter of Lord and Lady Willcox, has been feeling bad about the scandalous things she did over the summer, which prevented her from getting matched. Positively, though, she has a lot more time to consider her future today. The last thing Maria would have expected was an ambush of pirates when she and her brother and closest friend set out for a stroll through Portsmouth’s market. Maria encounters the most attractive man she has ever seen as she tries to escape the mayhem. She is enticed by his gaze. Can she avoid giving in to this forbidden temptation?

James, a pirate from the Barbary Coast who is traveling to the British Islands, can’t help but think that he has never seen a more lovely creature than Maria. He’s the most wanted pirate in town because of his fascinating green eyes, long brown hair, and tanned skin. But he knew she should be his at all costs the instant he laid eyes on her. To what extent is he prepared to take a chance on her?

Maria will soon discover that the man who abducted her has a different side when she is thrust into a whole new environment where survival is of the utmost importance. Maria’s heart races crazily faster for the man with the dark green eyes the harder she tries to run. What sort of games will destiny engage in?

A Pirate's Tantalizing Passion

22. Loving the Marquess

It wasn’t intended for him to fall in love with her.

The Overlea Marquess’s scheme worked perfectly. Wed the helpless Louisa Evans to keep her and her siblings from going bankrupt and to have an heir. However, Nicholas withholds the true reason for their hurried marriage from her when he pops the question.

When Louisa finds that the Marquess doesn’t plan to father his own future heir, they get married. Louisa is unexpectedly drawn to her new spouse, and she has no intention of accepting his outrageous proposal. Rather, she demonstrates to him that their growing relationship transcends the ordinary convenience marriage.

It never occurred to Nicholas that he would fall in love with Louisa. He attempts to keep a gap between them, but it soon becomes apparent that he will never consent to another guy touching her. even if it means the end for his family.

Loving the Marquess

23. Sarah’s Reluctant Duke

She will be saved by a Duke’s love, but will his family be able to separate them?

The future of Sarah’s family is on the line, so her one and only London Season needs to end in a match. However, this vicar’s daughter may face disaster until Oliver Lyre, who is both kind and incredibly attractive, comes to her aid. Her heart is soon in the hands of the recently minted Duke of Lincoln, and it seems that her prayers have been heard. However, the notorious dragons of the ton, his mother and sister-in-law, are determined to destroy the couple. Sarah will also do whatever it takes to safeguard her unborn kid once she finds out she is pregnant.

Oliver missed his opportunity to marry for love when he sadly lost both his father and sibling in addition to inheriting his title. The title came with crushing duties that he had never sought. And for heaven’s sake, he never wanted matchmakers on the “marriage mart” to notice him.

Being compelled into marriage and saving Sarah is an unexpected turn of events. His loving and kind wife is a breath of fresh air; she doesn’t care about his wealth or status. the only one with no expectations other than his love. If only his family hadn’t made it their mission to ruin his union.

This reticent Duke will have to decide between his affection for the woman and his family’s obligations. Is there a way for Sarah and Oliver’s love to triumph over the obstacles of a world that wants to keep them apart?

Sarah's Reluctant Duke

24. A Marriage of Convenience with a Guarded Lady

Under the watchful eye of her judgmental mother, meek and easily unnoticed Miss Bernadette Rowland, resigned to spinsterhood, begins her fifth season. However, when her humdrum future is upended by an unexpected engagement to a brooding viscount, Bernadette’s soft heart and latent passions start to surface. Can a mysterious man open her closed heart and give her hope for love again?

Miss Bernadette Rowland, quiet and unnoticed, begins her fifth unsuccessful Season wanted to go away from her critical mother’s scrutiny and accepted the drab destiny of being a spinster. Bernadette agrees when her father arranges an unexpected engagement to the moody Lord Nicholas Lovell, thinking maybe love may eventually bloom in their convenient union.

Lord Nicholas Lovell has stayed away from the Marriage Mart for years because he feels burdened by the heavy weight of carrying on his family’s tradition and is haunted by past heartache. However, his overbearing grandpa arranges Nicholas’s abrupt engagement to the reserved Miss Rowland in order to fulfill his succession duties. Nicholas is resistant at first, but his barriers are gradually lifted by Bernadette’s tender compassion and love of music.

Nicholas and Bernadette find a touching connection as their friendship blossoms into a blossoming romance. Bernadette and Nicholas have to decide whether to honor love or obey duty when a cunning plan threatens to destroy them. Two forgotten individuals dare to rebel against tradition and familial duty in the face of overwhelming odds. Will they be able to assert their rightful claim to hard-earned happiness?

A Marriage of Convenience with a Guarded Lady

25. Sailing towards a Lady’s Heart

If only Lady Margaret Hartwell’s heart wasn’t attached to Charles, the cook’s son, she could have everything and everyone. She was a stunning debutante. They had sworn to get married as childhood sweethearts and pals, but later they were torn apart by Charles’s enlistment in the Navy and the demands of society.

Margaret’s parents are now demanding that she wed a well-known gentleman from the Ton, so Charles’ unannounced homecoming will cause a ruckus in her already chaotic life and emotions.

In order to have a chance at genuine love, will Margaret defy her father’s wishes?

Charles Grant goes back to England in order to seek Margaret, his true love. However, he is promptly banished from the home when he realizes that he might have lost her forever and tries to get her father’s approval. Margaret’s wicked fiancé will turn out to be his deadliest opponent when he is forced to sail away once more in order to protect his money and a future with her.

If only Charles and Margaret hadn’t been separated by the devil and the vast blue sea…

Margaret makes the decision to take matters into her own hands and conduct a thorough search for Charles as she feels pressure from all sides. Though Charles has his own scheme as well, he was unprepared for Margaret’s cunning fiancé to refuse to let her go without a battle.

If only the sinister threats of high society hadn’t destroyed their lovely passion… Will these soulmates ultimately find their happy way or will their delicate relationship terminate permanently?

Sailing towards a Lady's Heart

26. Loving a Wounded Gentleman

Lady Elizabeth Cromwell is a vivacious woman who is about to become a spinster since no suitor appears to be suitable for her. Having turned down the previous partner her parents had suggested, she starts her seventh season with little desire or hope to find someone worthy. However, destiny has other ideas, and Elizabeth will be astounded by a charming man who is unlike any male she has ever encountered at the next gala. Their initial meeting is characterized by mutual dislike, but her heart soon ignites with unheard-of emotions.

Would Elizabeth have the guts to fall in love with someone who had experienced tragedy?

It’s Sir Charles Brentwood versus his own ghosts. He is left to care after his little, cherished daughter by alone when his wife dies while giving birth. Charles is hopeless about ever finding love again since he is plagued by guilt and visions of his premature death. But he wants an heir to carry on his name, and his daughter needs a mother’s loving guidance. He is ready to just give in, so he is shocked to fall in love with a confident, astute young woman once more.

Will he be able to let go of his sorrow and once more let his heart open?

Charles views Elizabeth as brazen and abrupt, whereas she perceives him as aloof and distant when their paths meet. But as they come to know one another, their mutual hatred blossoms into the most surprising kind of love. Other forces, meanwhile, are working feverishly to keep them apart. Can love be given another opportunity to Elizabeth and Charles? Or are they both destined to spend the remainder of their lives apart and alone?

Loving a Wounded Gentleman

27. Married to the Ruthless Duke

“For these three nights, you will be completely mine to do with as I please.”

The vicious Duke Alexander sees a way out of his predicament when he comes upon a contract that enables him to claim a wife. Even if his gorgeous future bride has other ideas, he will not be denied what he is due.

Helen, who is compelled to wed a terrible guy, will stop at nothing to get him to turn her down. However, there’s a steep price to pay when trying to test a man’s tolerance like her new husband.

Before they move out, Helen has to stay with him for three nights.

But all it takes is one night with Alexander to make her long for the one thing she will never have: him.

Married to the Ruthless Duke

28. Lord of Misrule: A Holiday Regency Romance

2019 Maggie Award Finalist for Best Historical Romance

A vicar’s daughter encounters the Devil himself on a wintry Christmas Eve—or is he just the Lord of Misrule?

(Tales of Little Macclow, Book 2) After stirring up controversy in London, Lord Forthhurst is returning home to atone for his transgressions when, on Christmas Eve, he finds himself stuck in the tiny community of Little Macclow. Before the evening is out, he has completely immersed himself in the village’s Twelve Days of Christmas celebration and grown incredibly interested in Miss Cassandra Tamworth, the vicar’s daughter.

However, Cassie was brought up to believe that aristocrats would do bad things. Lord Forthhurst remains a mystery. Would he turn out to be her true love? Or, as he says and tells her, is he the devil? Can 12th Night, amid a season of enchantment and miracles, bring two unexpected hearts together through love?

Lord of Misrule

29. The Duke she Desires

Lavinia Bell, who was raised as a doctor’s daughter, has acquired information that goes against what is expected of women in society. She meets the ugliest, most bothersome, and most attractive man she has ever laid eyes on when she is called upon to step in for her father in an emergency.

After serving in the military, Peter Cadden, Duke of Kingwood, suffers physical and psychological injuries. The only person who can correct him or put an end to his annoying demeanor is the stunning daughter of his doctor.

But Lavinia discovers there’s a traitor among them who wants Peter dead when the Duke’s health takes an inexplicable turn for the worse.

Because it can be risky to breach certain commitments. And it’s possible that Peter signed this one using his own blood.

The Duke she Desires

30. Destined for an Earl’s Heart

Caroline Clarke realized she needed to become a governess in order to ensure her brother’s future after losing her last surviving family. But she made a final promise to fulfill her beloved aunt before she passed away: she would deliver a letter to her long-lost love. However, destiny will force the endearing Caroline to confront her aunt’s history, bringing her right to Earl’s door.

Fortunately, the elderly guy offers to look after her and suggests that she remain on his property as a tribute to her aunt. The only thing that bothers Caroline about the notion is that she has to put up with his conceited and annoying kid. But she had no idea that he would soon be the one to win her heart.

Will Caroline risk everything to forge her own path in this long-forgotten romance, even though she knows that her increasing love for him could result in the same tragic conclusion as her aunt’s?

Matthew Poulett is a self-assured young man possessing wealth, status, and charisma. He rushes to visit his father’s country estate on his father’s orders, upset that he must leave London midway through the season. Matthew is going to be quite annoyed on the way there by an enigmatic girl who just so happens to be riding on the same couch.

After having to put up with her constant chatter about love, he makes it plain that he thinks romance and love are ridiculous and are typically motivated by selfishness. But little does he know that this fiery redhead is about to completely upend his existence. He is drawn to her by fate, and he is immediately mesmerized by her beauty and goodness. Will Matthew be able to get past his prejudice and at last give in to his true feelings?

Despite the fact that Caroline and Lord Poulett are diametrically opposed forces that frequently collide, their bond appears to be stronger than their differences. Their love gradually transforms into mutual respect and their two worlds merge. Nevertheless, a crafty woman will be envious and plot to permanently split them apart due to their undeniable chemistry.

After all, was her aunt’s split from the Earl the result of a lost game of fate or the malicious aim of someone else? Will Caroline and Matthew be able to overcome their dire circumstances and discover genuine love with the help of the ashes of a failed relationship?

Destined for an Earl’s Heart

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