20 Billionaire Romance Books for the Summer

Billionaire Romance Books

If you’re seeking for the best billionaire romance books with the hottest billionaire book boyfriends and the largest bank accounts, this is the list for you.

I have all of the best billionaire romance novels you could ever desire to read in this beloved romance book theme. I’m starting with the best billionaire romance stories I’ve read and would suggest to everyone.

The Best Billionaire Romance Books

1. Bridesmaid For Hire

Sometimes the wedding of the century necessitates drastic means. And sometimes such desperate methods include pretending the person you despise the most is actually your partner.

Maggie Mitchell is ready for a break after years of working tirelessly for her event organising company. With nothing on her mind but rest and relaxation, she is enjoying the pleasant weather of Bora Bora when Brody McFadden, her brother’s best friend and sworn adversary, walks in.

Maggie had vowed to avoid the man after years of tension between them, which began with a disastrous make-out session during her brother’s wedding. That is, until she discovers he is in Bora Bora for his boss’s daughter’s wedding, expecting to utilise the vacation to secure a serious future with the company.

Maggie promised herself she would not consider working on the island, but as word spreads about the “wedding of the century” taking place in the midst of her holiday, she realises that volunteering her skills as a bridesmaid and planner could propel her business to new heights. The only catch? To land the job, she pretends to be Brody’s girlfriend and allows him to stay in her quiet bungalow.

Tensions grow, annoyance flares, and after years of bickering behind closed doors, Maggie can’t quite suppress the sparks that are forming between her and her new phoney lover, especially once she discovers the true reason their first kiss was cut short. But as the wedding day approaches and things begin to go awry, Brody may be the one who brings Maggie’s business—and her heart—crashing down.

Billionaire Romance

2. Baby Drama II


Long story short. I needed to locate a wife.

My mother’s final attempt to maintain control over me from beyond the grave was to temporarily designate my uncle, her brother, as Chairman and CEO of our family business, Bradshaw Capital. She stipulated in her will something I didn’t expect: marry within a year of her death, remain married for another, and the firm would be mine.

As ludicrous as that sounded, I had no choice if I wanted management of the corporation that was legally mine.

While in Vegas, I met a beautiful woman named Stella Harper, a fellow New Yorker who was broke and unemployed. After one night with her, I recognised an opportunity in a moment of impulsiveness. Marry her, live separate lives, and dissolve our fictitious marriage after I gain control of Bradshaw Capital. I’d get what I wanted, and she’d leave a wealthy woman.

Simple, right?

My uncle became ill two months into our false marriage, prompting me to take over the company. The one-year term had expired, and before I could petition for divorce, Stella dropped a bombshell.

She was pregnant.

The notion of fatherhood seemed unimaginable to me. The last thing I wanted in my life was baby turmoil. My life plan never included having a wife or children. But Stella left an impression on me, and while I struggled with emotions I never expected to experience, something unexpected began to stir inside me.


Long story short. I needed money quickly.

I lost my nanny job in a posh Upper West Side neighbourhood when the mother freaked out about her spouse assisting me with a child-induced glue mess. She accused me of coveting her husband, fired me on the spot, and spread malicious rumours about me among Manhattan’s elite, assuring I’d never nanny again.

Meanwhile, I was working hard to complete my master’s degree in child psychology at New York University. Without a job, my financial calamity reached a climax with tuition, rent, credit cards, and looming student loans, leaving me drowning in stress.

Miles Bradshaw, a ruggedly attractive and personable man, and I met in Vegas completely by mistake.

After one crazy night together, he dropped a bombshell: he offered me one million dollars if I married him and stayed married for a year so he could take control of his firm. I felt he was insane. But after hearing him out, everything worked out well for both of us.

Then something went wrong with my birth control pills, and I ended up getting pregnant by accident. He made it plain that he was not a suitable father and did not want the drama that comes with having children.

I knew the marriage was really short, yet I fell deeply in love with him. He crushed my heart and soul, so I had no choice but to go. I was certain that I would never forgive him until one night when he knocked on my door.

Billionaire Romance

3. Icing It

Sex is a great stress reliever.

Or so I’m told by two hot males who offer to help me overcome some of my work-related anxiety by putting me under both of them.

I answer yes. For one night.

And proceeded to rock my world. For three days.

I cannot afford that kind of distraction. As enjoyable as it was, I had a business to operate, a loan to repay, and a life to live without any more commitments or duties. Especially not a golden retriever hockey player and a domineering millionaire who are madly in love and want me to be the third person in their long-term plans.

Let’s not even talk about the third guy who wants to date me. He is my brother’s coach. And twelve years older than me. But he’s also a single father with a terrific teenage kid, and his skill and gentlemanly demeanour are difficult to resist.

However, there are also instances where he behaves inappropriately behind closed bedroom doors.

Then they all fell in love with me. Even if one of them is clearly not interested in making this a full-time foursome.

And what about the icing on top?

I, too, have fallen for them. All of them.

How could I possible decide?

Worse, how could I walk away?

Billionaire Romance

4. Surprisingly Us

A reformed playboy and ambitious dancer question if opposites truly do attract after witnessing a phoney relationship between childhood friends.

I’ve spent the last eighteen years of my life living and breathing dance; there hasn’t been time for anything else. As a seasoned member of The City Ballet, I am now on track to become a principal dancer. However, in order to get a vital lead role, the choreographer expects more passion and intensity from my dance. What’s the problem? My inexperience with relationships and love. What’s the solution? I need to start dating, if only to prepare for the desired role.

I’m accustomed to drilling footwork. Repetition. Muscle-memory. But how should I practise dating?

I never expected Rhys Spencer, my boyhood buddy and famed ladies’ guy, to be the answer.

I just returned to NYC to claim my trust fund, but the prospect of losing control of my parents’ legacy foundation to my cousin and adversary has made me reconsider my objectives. My reputation as a ladies’ man puts me in a negative light with the foundation board, and I am desperate to change my ways, if only temporarily.

Colette Davenport, a childhood friend, is the ideal false girlfriend. She’s talented, gracious, and beautiful. With her on my arm, I’ll have no trouble convincing the board that I’m the appropriate man for the job. Everyone is taken aback by the pairing of the charming, yet determined ballet dancer and a tattooed bad lad with a big reputation.

When the competition heats up and I surprise Colette with a new proposal, things get hot. Soon, I’ll be on my knees for a new purpose, breaking every rule we’ve established.

With each kiss and contact, I am more desperate to have her. To keep her to myself. I never want our arrangement to end, and no one is startled more than me.

Billionaire Romance

5. The Wrong Wife

Sometimes making the wrong choice can lead to finding the right love.

Bound by duty and attracted by desire. Can love rewrite their story?

Even the wrong route may lead to the right love.

Declan Knight had always known he’d have to marry a Hartley.

But when the Hartley he loves abandons him the night before their wedding, he is compelled to marry the other sister. She isn’t the Hartley he desired, but he can fake it for a year. Can’t he?

Growing up in the shadow of her glamorous sister, Esme Hartley learnt to suppress her own ambitions, including a secret crush on Declan Knight. When she is suddenly forced to marry him, a ray of hope ignites within her. But can she genuinely win his heart, or will he be plagued by her sister’s memory?

Caught between familial responsibility and past scars, can Declan and Esme overcome their pasts and discover love in the most unexpected places, or will their tangled emotions rip them apart?

Billionaire Romance

6. Wild Love

Rosie Belmont has been driving me crazy for years. The best kind of wild. The terrible type of wild. But largely the type of wild that comes from wanting your best friend’s younger sister and knowing you can’t have her.

After living in the city, she returns to Rose Hill like a storm. Beautiful, messy, and chaotic.

And it only takes one wide-eyed, desperate appeal for a job for me to hire her.

Forbes may have named me the World’s Hottest Billionaire, but all I’m concerned about is opening my new music studio. Something that comes to an abrupt halt when I come face to face with a little girl who claims I am her biological father.

Now I spend my days juggling business and raising a moody twelve-year-old, all while desperately attempting to keep my hands off my best friend’s younger sister.

I promise to keep Rosie at arms’ length. I try to stick with scowls and angry one-liners. However, her verbal sparring is only foreplay—friction that escalates to burning heat.

I know I shouldn’t cross that line.

However, the terms should not and cannot are not synonymous.

And the only thing I really can’t do is resist her.

Billionaire Romance

7. Off to the Races

Maintaining professionalism with my staff has never been an issue. Until she walked onto my property.

Billie is talented. She is a mouthy person. And she’s so damn appealing. I can’t quit thinking about how I could bring her down a peg.

I simply cannot quit thinking about her.

We clashed from the moment we met. In a small town, on an even smaller farm, it’s difficult to maintain your distance. It’s even more difficult to keep that friction from developing into flames.

But keep my distance? That might be the most difficult challenge of all. Because Billie is the complete deal, whip-smart with a figure I fantasize about when I’m alone, and she may be the only woman capable of saving this business—and me.

She drives me insane. In every meaning of the term. Every smart-mouthed little comment—every game we play—I end up wanting more. I want her to be closer. Join me. Under me.

I try not to let her get to me, but the longer we spend together, the more I want her. Her lips. Her trust. Her heart.

I want it all.

But, at what cost?

Because now I don’t only want to win races; I want to win the girl.

Billionaire Romance

8. Off Limits

Chloe Jones is attempting to put the scandal of leaving her Super Bowl-winning fiancé at the altar behind her.
There’s no better way to escape than to transform her island honeymoon into a much-needed vacation with her girlfriends.

She didn’t expect to meet a hot stranger. Don’t they say that to get over someone, you must first get under someone else? Chloe is ready for a fresh start, but her spiteful ex is making things tough for her.
That is until she gets the job of her dreams.

What she didn’t expect was to meet the handsome stranger from her island escape—Noah Stone, New York’s biggest playboy and her new boss. Chloe can remain professional even when all she can think about is those lips.
And the way he fills out his suit trousers.

He’s completely off-limits, and she’s signed the paperwork proving it.

Billionaire Romance

9. Throttled

Maya Alatorre, my teammate’s sister, has become my new infatuation. Keeping my distance during the Formula One season should be easy, but I constantly find a way to see her. Press tours. Pre-race rituals. Sponsor events, including black-tie galas.

The more time we spend together, the stronger my yearning becomes. Sneaking about with her is one thing, but do you want more? This is never going to happen. She may be a distraction clothed as a daydream, but no woman is worth sacrificing the championship crown for. Or so I thought.


My brother’s main adversary in Formula One is Noah Slade. When my sibling is invited to compete for the World Championship, I swear to avoid Noah. Twenty-one races. Two drivers who despise each other. And one forbidden attraction I can’t resist.

Developing affections for Noah was not part of my strategy. However, no one was finding out. Turns out the man I was warned against is the one I can’t get away from. Even if he breaks my heart when the season ends.

Billionaire Romance

10. When She Loves

The most vicious don in town has a weakness: me.

I didn’t want the life my parents tried to put on me, so I pledged never to marry a gangster. Yet here I am, headed down the aisle towards the mobster of the century, all to save my sister.

Rafaele Messero. Cold, brutal, and irritatingly attractive. Not that I have noticed. After all, this marriage represents the end of all my goals and dreams. And for him, it is nothing more than a calculated business decision.

At least that’s what I thought until he tells the priest to hurry up so he can kiss me. He’s regarded as the ice prince, yet when his lips meet mine, all I feel is burning heat. That’s when I realize I’m in serious trouble.

My intention was to preserve my distance from Rafaele, but he’s not interested in that. He is interested in me.

Now that I know what he craves, I promise to never give it to him. I will never submit to my husband, no matter how hard he tries to conquer me.

Billionaire Romance

11. P.S. You’re Intolerable

I express my displeasure with my boss, Elliot Levy, on a daily basis via notes hidden behind my desk.

I can’t exactly tell him that I’m convinced he’s a cyborg because I’m about to become a single mother and need to keep my work as his assistant.

Elliot seldom looks at me, so he does not realize I am pregnant until I am seven months along. The first thing he asks is if I intend to return to work once I have the baby.

This is not unexpected.

What surprises me is Elliot’s willingness to help me find a place to stay once my daughter is born. Living with him allows me to see a different side of him, particularly when he walks about the home without a shirt.

He does this all the time.

I know I shouldn’t look, but I can’t stop myself. He looks gorgeous in a suit, but what about outside of it? Devastating.

Elliot demonstrates that he isn’t the soulless robot I originally imagined. It’s still daunting to take a chance on him, even if he hugs my kid like she’s dear to him and touches me like he’s been wanting to for months.

Now that he has me, he will not let me go without a fight.

Elliot Levy didn’t reach where he is in business without knowing a few dirty methods. What is he going to do to keep me? To keep us?

P.S. I think I am falling for you.

Billionaire Romance

12. The Casanova

My favorite pastime is aggravating Elliot Miles. Even the sight of my boss’s gorgeous face makes me sarcastic. God knows how he got his Casanova reputation—if a million women desire him for his personality, what am I doing wrong?

Disappointed with my love life, I sign up for a dating app under a fictitious name. I start conversing with a man named Edgar. He’s not my type and lives on the other side of the planet, but we struck up a friendship, laughed, and confided in one another.

However, things have been becoming strange at work recently. Elliot is being attentive. His eyes stay open a bit longer than they should, and there’s a fire behind them that I’ve never felt before. And then, shockingly, he tells me that my vulnerability appeals to him. But when was I vulnerable?

The horror begins…Has my boss read my emails to Edgar?

Damn, why did I use my work email?

Oh oh, does he realize how I actually feel about him? I would sooner die than admit it. Or, even worse, is it possible that the man I despise in real life is the one I’m falling for online?

Billionaire Romance

13. The Perfect Fit

A wannabe writer from Brooklyn. Three ridiculously attractive billionaires. One very indecent proposal.

West Archer, Ezekiel Cavanagh, and Xander King. The Unholy Trinity. Ruthless. Ambitious. Intimidating.
With dark tastes and even darker fantasies, they’ve been looking for the ideal woman to complement their unconventional lifestyle for almost a decade. Despite their best efforts, none have made it beyond three months. They swear to quit seeking because they believe they will never find the right person.

Until they meet Lily.

Lily Sloane has a magnetic pull on all three of them. For the first time, it appears like they have finally discovered the right fit. But, as we all know, there are times when something seems too good to be true.

Lily Sloane isn’t the poor girl from Brooklyn that everyone thinks she is. And with a past full of secrets and falsehoods that she is attempting to escape, the unholy triad may have bitten off more than they can chew. Is it possible to restore trust once it has been broken?

Billionaire Romance

14. Once You’re Mine

Murder drew us together. Only death could keep us apart.

Calista, the tormentor, belongs to me but is unaware. When we first met, I wanted her. The next time, I became obsessed. I observed her. I followed her. It simply fueled my desire to possess her. Once she’s mine, I won’t let her go.

The Target: Hayden Bennett is a monster, both inside and outside the courtroom. Unfortunately, I need his assistance. What was supposed to be a straightforward transaction evolves into much more. Something intense. He’s always there for me, but I’m not sure if I should trust him…

Billionaire Romance

15. The Sweetest Oblivion

She’s a romantic at heart, living in the most unromantic of environments…

Elena, nicknamed Sweet Abelli due to her submissive demeanor, grins on cue and responds charmingly to everything. She’s the beloved daughter, the ideal mafia principessa—or was. Now all she sees in the mirror’s image is blood coating her palms like crimson paint.

They say that first impressions are crucial.

Elena’s sister is about to marry Nicolas Russo in the shadowy underworld of New York. A manufactured guy, a boss, and a cheat—even by mafia standards. His reputation is far-reaching and darker than his black suits and ties.

After their initial encounter, which ends with an inadvertent glare on Elena’s part, she finds he’s as unpleasant as he is attractive. She doesn’t like the guy or anything he stands for, but that doesn’t stop her heart from beating like rain on glass when he’s near, or the chill that runs down her spine at the sound of his voice.

And he’s constantly nearby.

Tell her what to do.

Making her feel more attractive than any potential brother-in-law should.

Elena may appear to be the sweet Abelli on the outside, but she’s discovering a thirst for darkness, harsh hands, smokes, and whiskey-colored eyes.

She can’t afford to get caught up in another scandal after escaping the first. Besides, even if he was hers, everyone knows you don’t fall in love with a Made Man. Right?

Billionaire Romance

16. A Not So Meet Cute

How did you meet?

The ultimate question posed to every relationship. And the response is usually a cheery, lovey-dovey story about being hit in the bum by Cupid’s arrow.

My meet cute (or not-so-meet cute) is slightly different. I was trawling a posh area in Beverly Hills, looking for someone to take me as their bride, merely to make my arch foe envious, who then dismissed me.

He was stomping about the street like a magnificent ogre, moaning about a failed business deal and hoping to find a way out.

That’s when we ran into each other.
There were no sparks.
There isn’t even a trace of blooming affection.

But the next thing I knew, I was scarfing down free chips and guacamole while listening to this man lay out all of his troubles, which led to his big ask: he wanted me to be his Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman, minus the frisky behavior.

We’re talking about living in a mansion, going on intimate double dates, and pretending we’re madly in love and engaged. Could you imagine?

Absolute audacity.

However, when people are desperate, they will do strange things. I reeked of desperation. So I negotiated a deal.

Billionaire Romance

17. Sick Boys

They stated they would corrupt me, but I didn’t believe them.
I was mistaken. So wrong.

When my sister died, a part of me went with her, so I made a pledge.
I plan to enroll at Spine Ridge University like her and discover the person responsible… make them pay.

Until I met three sick Skull & Serpent Society members: Felix, Dylan, and Alistair. Rude, callous, vicious guys who are concerned with making me regret even coming to campus.

They offer me a deal: my body in exchange for a glimpse into their savagery.
Refusing them is impossible, and rejecting them is absurd.

They are rude and greedy, and every moment with them is loaded with immorality.
Their venom is injected directly into my heart, and I’m drawn into their world.
All for the purpose of vengeance.

Until it turns into something more.
Something priceless.
Something the four of us would kill for.

Billionaire Romance

18. Magnolia Parks

“How many loves do you get in a lifetime?”

She is a beautiful, wealthy, self-centered, and slightly neurotic London socialite. He is Britain’s most photographed bad boy, and he crushed her heart.

Magnolia Parks and BJ Ballentine are meant to be together, and everyone knows it.

She dates other people to avoid him, and he sleeps with other girls to get back at her. But at the conclusion of every tragic attempt to get over one another, they always wind up back where they started.

But now their dysfunction is catching up with them, tearing at their seams and unraveling the world they’ve created; a world in which neither has ever let the other go completely.

As the fractures begin to show and secrets emerge, Magnolia and BJ are finally forced to confront the daunting subject they’ve been avoiding their entire lives: How many loves do you actually get in a lifetime?

Billionaire Romance

19. King of Wrath

Ruthless. Meticulous. Arrogant.

Dante Russo thrives under supervision, both personally and professionally.

The rich CEO never intended to marry—until the prospect of blackmail drives him into an engagement with a lady he barely knows.

Vivian Lau, a jewelry heiress and the daughter of his latest adversary.

It doesn’t matter how lovely or pleasant she is. He’ll do everything he can to erase the proof and their betrothal.

There’s just one problem: now that he’s got her, he can’t force himself to let go.

Elegant. Ambitious. Well-mannered.

Vivian Lau is the ideal daughter and her family’s ticket to the upper levels of high society.

Marrying a blue-blooded Russo opens possibilities that would otherwise be closed to her new-money family.

While unpleasant, elusive Dante isn’t her ideal mate, she agrees to their arranged marriage out of obligation.

Craving his touch was never in the plans.

Neither was the worst thing she could have done: fall in love with her future spouse.

Billionaire Romance

20. Bridgerton: Daphne’s Story

Can there be a greater challenge for London’s Ambitious Mamas than an unmarried duke?— Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers, April 1813.

By all accounts, Simon Basset is about to propose to his best friend’s sister, the attractive and almost-on-the-shelf Daphne Bridgerton. But the two of them know the truth: it’s all a big lie to keep Simon away from marriage-minded society mothers. And now that a duke appears to have proclaimed Daphne desirable, she will undoubtedly attract some good suitors.

But as Daphne waltzes around ballroom after ballroom with Simon, it’s difficult to recall that their courtship is a ruse. Maybe it’s his mischievous smile, or the way his eyes blaze whenever he stares at her… but Daphne is truly falling for the dashing duke.

And now she must do the impossible: persuade the handsome rogue that their ingenious little plot requires a minor adjustment, and that nothing makes more sense than falling in love.

Billionaire Romance

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