Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton Story Parents Guide

The next part of Netflix’s epic Bridgerton saga has here. Queen Charlotte is a limited prequel series about the queen of the ton. It tells the narrative of how she became queen and about her romance with King George III.

Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton Story Parents Guide

Golda Rosheuvel is back in her role as the older Queen Charlotte, and India Amarteifio plays the younger version of the monarch. The only Bridgerton we’ll be interacting with is Violet, but the relationship is just as charming and endearing even without the rest of the family.

Is there anything else that the prequel and its related series have in common?

That thing is, of course, sex and nakedness. Some of the steamier scenes in the love play have become well-known. Check out the recommended age range and parental advisory below for its sequel!

Caution: Queen Charlotte spoilers ahead.

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What is the age rating of Queen Charlotte, exactly?

There is some nudity, sex, and smoking in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, hence the rating is TV-MA. The series has been labeled M for Mature, which means it is not suitable for younger viewers. Although it may not be extremely obscene, it is not appropriate for children.

The series features explicit scenes of nudity, sex, and smoking, as well as elements that may be disturbing to some viewers. Torture-like deaths by drowning, burning, and other means are among the tactics used on King George.

Does Queen Charlotte contain sex and nudity?

The prequel has some sexual content, including some nudity, just like the main Bridgerton series. As the newlyweds get to know each other and try to start a family, Queen Charlotte and King George engage in a number of sexual encounters. There are also numerous sexual encounters between Lord Danbury and Lady Danbury, the majority of which are unpleasant to see.

When it comes to the show’s nudity, Corey Mylchreest’s portrayal of King George accounts for almost all of the male rear nudity. Throughout the season’s six episodes, he appears both in sex scenes and in which King George is stripped. There is no overt nudity or female nudity in the show.

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