The Sinner by Shantel Tessier

The Sinner by Shantel Tessier is a dark erotic romance set in the same universe as its predecessor, The Ritual. Growing up, Elli and Sin were close friends whose families belonged to the upper class society that included initiated Lords and their selected Ladies.

However, Sin had underestimated the depths of this society, particularly in regards to Elli, his genuine love interest. Along with the laws and penalties of the Elite society, abuse, greed, dishonesty, and betrayal combined to create an ominous, menacing atmosphere.

Beneath all the evil, there was a love story: Elli was always in love with Sin, and he was (not always) protective of her. Unfortunately, the story’s perversion—which included a lot of kink—as well as their normal circumstances and Elli’s horrifying abuse frequently overshadowed the romance.

Sin was a pain-loving sadist. Elli was a masochist who required degrading; her dark, sexualized mentality was a result of prior torture. She had a distorted sense of who she was and was always looking for a place to fit in.

She was taken advantage of by those in positions of power and was lost in a fog of legal drugs and drink. coping techniques. However, Elli had a long-lasting crush on Sin, who was constantly there. Elli and Sin are a great fit. They had a strong sex kink and were attracted to each other.

Even while I liked what I was reading, dare I say there was more kink—descriptive, coercive, painful, albeit the characters liked it—to the way the story progressed and, more significantly, to the romance and character connections? But can we also give ourselves a high five for the breeding, hints of somnophilia, and other sinister, delectable acts?

The story moved more slowly, and the subplot’s (or main arc’s, depending on viewpoint) interest was mixed with depravity, unease, some push and pull, and an incalculable amount of spice. It was at times strikingly similar to the previous book, Slaughter. The novel was lengthy and had brief flashback segments.

This book had a gloomy, tragic mood but subtly highlighted the effects of abuse and the depths of overcoming, mending, and all-sacrificing for love. It contained dual, first-person points of view, appearances from Ryat from book 1, and foreshadowing of side characters.

The antihero Sin had a unique and unwavering love for Elli that was more fated than romantic. This was a strange, dark, yet engrossing book to read.

The Sinner by Shantel Tessier

Genre: Erotic Suspense, Organized Crime

Author: Shantel Tessier

Reading Time: 20-24 hours

Rating: 4.3/5

Series: No

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