Year One by Nora Roberts – A Pandemic Supernatural Thriller

Year One by Nora Roberts: Synopsis

On New Year’s Eve, it started.

The illness struck without warning and spread swiftly. The fear multiplied even more quickly. Everything people relied on started to fail them within weeks. The government and legal system failed, the electrical grid malfunctioned, and over half of humanity perished.

There was pandemonium now where order had formerly existed. And magick emerged to take the role of science and technology when they lost power. Some of it is beneficial, such as the witchcraft that Lana Bingham practices in the loft apartment that she and her partner, Max, share. Some of it is unbelievably evil, and it may be found anywhere, in smelly tunnels beneath rivers, around corners, or in the people you know and care about the most.

With nothing left to rely on except one another, Lana and Max escape a devastated New York City as word gets out that neither the immune nor the gifted are safe from the cops who patrol the devastated streets. Concurrently, other voyagers are also moving westward, into an uncharted territory. Chuck is a tech wizard attempting to navigate an offline world by hacking. Journalist Arlys, who has lost her readership, nonetheless documents the facts with a pen and paper. Her young coworker Fred has promising skills and an optimistic outlook that seems out of place in this desolate environment. And there are Jonah and Rachel, a paramedic and a resourceful doctor, who fight hopelessness with their unwavering will to preserve the lives of a young mother and her three infants.

None of the survivors in this world know exactly where they are going or why, and every stranger they come across could be a savage or a savior. However, they have a mission that will influence both their lives and the lives of everyone who is left.

Year One by Nora Roberts: Book Review

The novel tells the stories of several characters, but in particular of Lana Bingham and her partner Max. They see in horror as their city is destroyed when the disease strikes New York. They are both somewhat powerful witches, but as the illness spreads—which has a supernatural component as well—so does their influence. The plot also centers on other individuals who are all fleeing towns and cities that are being overtaken by ugly and cruel people as well as those who are being drawn to the darker side of the magic that has been let loose.

In this book, Nora Roberts skillfully creates a world that is simultaneously despairing and hopeful, and there is a lot going on. She has also crafted characters who you fear and adore at the same time, as well as those that you detest and despise without reservation. And this book is only the beginning of the story. And there are two more novels out there that you can get right now. I wanted more of this world and these characters, so as soon as I finished the first book, I downloaded the second and started listening.

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Is there anything in the book that I didn’t enjoy? No. Simply no. This book was fantastic. The picture that Nora Roberts paints in your mind when she develops a sentence to set a situation is simply breathtaking. She makes excellent use of word choice, placing you in a field, an automobile, or a room. Whatever the case, you are present. To be honest, I had the thinking, “This isn’t going to be like The Stand by Stephen King, is it?” For a while, the notion stayed with me, and there were some comparable things. However, about halfway through, you realize that although the premise is a cliché, she twists it to take you to a magical and insane realm.

Would I suggest this book? Of course! It will speak to your head and heart and is a fantastic read. Thus, you won’t regret reading Year One if you’re looking for an engaging narrative, some urban fantasy, and a lot of heart.

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