The Obsession by Nora Roberts: A Small Town Mystery

The Obsession by Nora Roberts

The Obsession by Nora Roberts was a nominee for Best Romance, Goodreads Choice Awards 2016.

When you first discover Naomi, you share her excitement that maybe for her birthday, she would receive the bicycle that she has been wishing for so long.

You are right there with her, silently strolling through the dark and scary woods till she stumbles across the awful hiding place of a man bent on doing unspeakable things to women, as she slips through the trees to see where her father is heading and maybe spend some time with him.

After that, you move in with her as she helps a defenseless victim and reports to the police what she discovered, revealing her father to be the mastermind. You hope against hope that the little girl will be able to move on and enjoy her life to the fullest after everything is said and done, before moving on to the next chapter of her life.

Thankfully, she and her brother Mason get along well thanks to the love of her uncle and his spouse, despite the fact that the past continues to resurface in their life over time, leading them to experience the pain of having been Thomas David Bowes’ children again.

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Their mother is a different tale. She makes an effort to live the new life her brother has given her family, but she is unable to be apart from Thomas and occasionally pays him a visit in prison. She’s changed so much from her pre-marriage self, and I don’t think anyone can quite comprehend the pull the man has over her.

After completing her education and changing her name, Naomi eventually finds fame as a talented photographer. Seventeen years after that terrible night, she finds herself in Sunrise Cove, Washington, where she is drawn to an old, dilapidated house and is inspired to consider settling down for the first time. After purchasing the property, she starts making gradual repairs to make it a home.

She also meets a local mechanic named Xander Keaton. I adore Xander; he’s a true romantic hero—obsessive, seductive, and strong when called upon. He runs his own company, is a weekend rock band member, and is an avid reader. He handles everything.

In addition, he is a giving and compassionate person who looks out for everyone. He senses a connection with Naomi from the moment they first meet, when he pulls over to assist her and the injured dog she found on the side of the road. I like his patience while he waits for Naomi to come up.

There will be mysteries in her new and joyful existence, though. The village is suddenly suffering a disappearance of women, who are subsequently discovered dead nearby.

Little clues appear that put Naomi right in the center of things, and because of their shared past, Mason—who is now an FBI agent—arrives at her door. Mason has endeavored to better comprehend that background in order to assist others who may find themselves in similar circumstances.

Since she doesn’t want anyone to know who she is, Naomi has always attempted to hide her history. The moment she eventually acknowledges that she fully trusts Xander to tell him the whole, terrible truth—despite the fact that he’s already worked it out for himself—is therefore endearing.

The supporting cast members are just as captivating and endearing as Xander and Naomi. Everyone working on the house is from the gardening and construction crews. I adore the friendship that develops between Jenny, the lead contractor’s wife, and Naomi.

Jenny is fantastic at refurbishing the vintage items she finds for Naomi’s house and seamlessly integrates them with occasional shots of Naomi. Uncles Seth and Harry are another. I adore them to the fullest. Particularly when interacting with Mason and the older Naomi.

I must admit that I was unable to identify the antagonist. When it was disclosed, I was taken aback. Naomi is a classic Nora Roberts heroine—she is self-reliant, fierce, and willing to battle for what she believes in.

That almost-dead dog, who has turned into a devoted buddy, helped ensure that the evil was defeated quickly. Another exquisitely crafted tale by Ms. Roberts. Rich with romance, intrigue, tension, and most importantly, love.

The Obsession by Nora Roberts Book Review

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