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The Miranda Riley PI Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series is written by Dianne Harman and Krystal Doolittle. It centers around Miranda Riley, who works in Vegas and must rush back home to Little Feathers, Oklahoma, after she receives news about her mother. The whole saga spins around her discovery of supernatural creatures stomping around Little Feathers and how her mother plays a crucial part in keeping them in check.

1. Little Feather

It only takes one phone call to transform your life.

Miranda Riley, a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas, receives a call from the police reporting that her mother, Eve, has gone missing. She rushes home to Little Feather, Oklahoma, expecting to see her mother and return to her life in the big city.

However, when Miranda begins her hunt for her, she discovers that Little Feather and her mother are much more than she had imagined. First, the city is a haven for otherworldly beings, and second, her mother is the Paranormal Investigator who keeps them all in check.

Her mother’s job as a private investigator was to ensure that the paranormal creatures remained hidden from humanity and committed no crimes. But now that she is gone, things are shifting.

Miranda is drawn into a world she had no idea existed. She needs to find her mother before paranormal activity escalates in Little Feather, and two very gorgeous guys are eager to assist her.

Miranda Riley

2. The Other Witch

Do you believe in witches? If not, consider rethinking it.

As Miranda Riley settles into her new career as a paranormal investigator, her mother, Eve, takes a backseat to their latest case.

Proving she is capable of filling her mother’s shoes may be difficult, but Miranda understands that what they are dealing with isn’t your ordinary, everyday paranormal, but something very different.

People in the vicinity are disappearing at an alarming rate, and Miranda needs to act quickly. However, with her mother acting strangely, things heating up between her and the Alpha male, Jesse, and her weird attraction to Police Chief Jack Winslow, Miranda begins to feel like she’s going in circles. Fortunately, she has her Corgi dog, Hank, to help.

Miranda Riley

3. Deadly Accusations

A guy and a lady have been drained. Are they local vampires? The paranormal community says no.
Miranda Riley faces fear of termination from the agency. If she fails to apprehend the murderer, she is willing to become a target for the alleged vampire killer.

Will this work?

When the Paranormal Investigative Agency issues Miranda an ultimatum – uncover the paranormal murderer or be dismissed – she must apply what she’s learned.

But are silver bullets, silver blades, and garlic enough to keep a vampire from draining again?

Add to that her romance with the local Alpha werewolf and her feelings for the Chief of Police. Her mother, Eve, is also looking for the phantom who killed Miranda’s father many years ago.

Things are certainly becoming complicated. Fortunately, she has her little Corgi, Hank, to aid her.

Miranda Riley

4. A Matter of Deception

Miranda Riley’s mother had sensibly advised her about becoming connected with a werewolf, especially an Alpha werewolf.

However, as a Paranormal Investigator, you must navigate two worlds. You’re also drawn to the local police chief.

It’s difficult to determine the place to live in. Being attacked by a werewolf is genuine. Is the Alpha werewolf telling her the truth? Is he only telling her what he believes she should know?

Join Miranda and her Corgi, Hank, as they try to determine what is real and what is not. She also needs to discover out who is slaughtering cattle and attempting to kill humans.

Miranda Riley

5. A Matter of Extinction

A doctor’s office has been vandalized. Being designed for a paranormal physician. Two men love the same woman. It might be difficult to distinguish between humans and paranormal entities.

Jessie, the Alpha of a werewolf pack in the little town of Little Feather, Oklahoma, has invited a doctor to establish a medical practice there. Like Jesse, the doctor is a werewolf.

In his usual life as a perceived human, Jessie is a general contractor who has promised to construct a new medical facility for the doctor. However, when the structure is in development, it is vandalized. Miranda Riley and the head of police are determined to find out who did it and why.

Life would be a lot easier if the distinction between paranormal and human were not so blurred. Miranda is a human paranormal investigator, but the citizens of the town and the chief of police believe she is a private investigator. But as she begins to examine the case, she discovers facts that make her wonder if she is indeed human.

Surely, a person would not be experiencing what she is. Could she be a relic of something long assumed to be extinct? Is this why she is able to see and smell things that humans cannot?

Miranda Riley

6. The Deepest Dark

Men go missing. Consider spiderwebs, a stunning temptress, and a Jorogumo. Seriously? They are rarely found outside of Japan. Couldn’t there be one in Little Feather?

When men go missing and the sole indication is a supposed spiderweb, Miranda Riley has no choice but to believe it’s the work of a Jorogumo, a massive, deadly spider.

Life isn’t simple when you’re a Paranormal Private Investigator working with a Police Chief who believes the paranormal realm doesn’t exist. When he sees it up close and personal, Jack realizes Miranda hasn’t been completely honest about her work. Not ideal for a relationship in its early stages.

Miranda is grateful to have Hank, a lovable little Corgi, to snuggle with at times like this!

Miranda Riley

7. The Longest Night

Little Feather is having nightmares.

Is it nothing, or something far more sinister? When more and more individuals report having awful dreams, Miranda Riley begins to question whether there is more to it.

Could anything otherworldly be triggering the nightmares? And, if so, how can you stop something that only appears in your dreams? She isn’t sure, but as the only one standing between the paranormal realm and humanity, it is her obligation to figure it out.

Fortunately, she has a group of pals to support her, as well as her corgi, Hank. But, ultimately, will she be able to save them?

Miranda Riley

8. The Hunted Hunter

Jack Winslow is taking a break from Little Feather.

After learning that the paranormal world exists, Jack has been dealing with the reality that practically everyone he knows has been secretly lying to him. He travels to the Ozarks of Missouri, believing that a visit to his uncle’s cabin will help him forget about his problems.

But not long after his arrival, he discovers that Crystal Cove has its own set of difficulties, which appear to be otherworldly in nature. Jack wants nothing more than to mind his own business and relax on a much-needed vacation, but this does not appear to be in the cards. Instead, he faces a paranormal threat that he is confident Miranda has never encountered.

Can he assist the residents of Crystal Cove achieve peace, or will he find himself in deeper difficulty than he can handle?

Miranda Riley

9. The Vengeful Witch

Little Feather is getting increasingly popular in the paranormal realm.

The small town is known for allowing paranormal beings to live peacefully, and it welcomes people who are strange within its borders. Most mean good, but others do not.

Miranda Riley is unsure how things stand between her and Jack. When he left Little Feather, he was upset and unclear whether he wanted to retain knowledge of the paranormal realm or have his memories erased. When he returned, he was a different guy. Miranda is unclear how to act around him now, or whether their relationship has altered.

However, when someone begins casting magic spells that make residents sick, Miranda sets out to find the source. Fortunately, the only victims are paranormal and can be treated magically. Until one unwitting human dweller becomes ill himself. Was he the intended target, or simply an innocent bystander? Miranda doesn’t have much time to track down the witch who is vengeful enough to curse others with illness before death arrives in Little Feather. Can she save them, or must someone pay the ultimate price?

Miranda, with the support of her friends, will do everything she can to help her mother, Eve, who is being hunted by the beast she has come across the nation to find.

Miranda Riley

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