Forge Master: A LitRPG Adventure (Tower Book # 1)

Synopsis of Forge Master

The climb up should have been the simple part… But after being flung into space, Thorn discovers he is adrift in a foreign land inhabited by bizarre species.

Thorn must find his place in this new world with the help of his adorable fighting pet, the mysterious god beast Hati, and a sentient AI named Eve. The local guilds, however, have other plans, and the Titan quickly finds himself engaged in machinations that not even his legendary might can overcome.

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The bare least Thorn will need to survive is to rally his strengths and learn how to rectify his weaknesses; if he wants to prosper, he will be compelled to take chances that put his life and the lives of his companions in danger.

Seth Ring, author of the best-selling Battle Mage Farmer and The Titan Series, has written a new GameLit/LitRPG series, and the first book in it is titled Forge Master. This series, set in the land of Nova Terra and starring the legendary Thorn, is perfect for fans of rich fantasy, dramatic adventures, and a dash of friendship.

Grab a copy of Forge Master right now and take off into a fantastic realm full of amazing quests.

Book Review of Forge Master

While I do admire Seth Ring’s work, I would love to see what he can produce in other genres. The tale of Nova Terra by Seth Ring is still enjoyable, and voice actor Eric jason Martin does a great job bringing the characters to life. There is no explicit content or profanity, making it suitable for readers of all ages, but especially those in their late teens and early 20s.

In my opinion, new readers of Forge Master need to have read the Nova Terra series or be prepared to feel left behind as the protagonist begins to apply previous abilities in a way that will feel out of the blue if approaching the character for the first time.

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Nova Terra is a fantastic series available on Kindle Unlimited.

I was excited for a new book and series from Thorn, so I added them to my Kindle and Audible collections. I wasn’t put off by the ending, but I do not enjoy the cliffhanger style, especially with the next book coming out in a few months.

The extent to which our protagonist had to change made for an engaging debut book. Turning the tables so that he needs to play catch-up and rely on his own grit to succeed.

In my opinion, the plot would have benefited from having a more compelling villain. Since nothing was hinted at beforehand, the sudden reveal comes off as odd.

When the backstory is revealed, it seems like there could have been more opportunities to provide background information and character traits. The antagonist’s sudden change of personality further added to the sense of discordance.

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