Arcanist: A LitRPG Adventure (Tower Book # 3)

Synopsis of Arcanist

Thorn and Velin are safe for the time being, but they must decide between…

Hide among the harsh Deva, or construct a path that will test their ability and cunning to the limit as they attempt to access the Titan bloodline’s ancient paths of power.

Intra Mundum, an unending challenge that calls for bravery, strength, and, most importantly, solid ties, lies ahead of them. Thorn and Velin will discover they have a deeper bond than they thought when they begin exploring the tower’s floors with a haphazardly assembled squad.

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Thorn learns soon that life in the upper worlds is far more complicated than he had originally imagined, and that not even earth-shattering strength can shield him from the schemes of the ancient groups surrounding him. He and Velin must make arrangements to meet their companions from Angoril, which includes coming up with a plan to keep the power-hungry challenger clans and the ferocious god creatures at bay.

Arcanist is the third novel in Seth Ring’s Tower Series, a GameLit/LitRPG series set in the realm of Nova Terra and featuring the indelible Thorn. Ring is best known for writing the bestselling Battle Mage Farmer and The Titan Series. This series is perfect for you if you enjoy fantastical tales, exciting adventures, and a dash of friendship.

Book Review of Arcanist

Seth Ring’s RPG fantasy series about a Titan named Thorn and his girlfriend, Vellin, a plant magician, continues.

Both protagonists have superhuman abilities, which is entertaining to watch as their opponents consistently misjudge them. I also enjoy witnessing Seth Ring’s creative process as he imagines up new enemies for them to face.

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They are accompanied by helpers like Alph, the Mad Master Alchemist. In addition, he develops romantic feelings for a character, but she ultimately chooses him for his intellect. You see, he continued giving himself intelligence spells. His improved concoction reflected his growing intelligence. Simply repeat the process.

This concludes our characterizations. The deal? They’re making their way up the tower. They’re up against stronger opponents who have banded together. They must not only overcome these opponents, but also sharpen their skills in the process.

Simply repeat the process. Good fun if that’s your cup of tea.

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