Reforged: A LitRPG Adventure (Tower Book # 2)

Synopsis of Reforged

Thorn, doomed and near death, has arrived at a fork in the road…

Either he gives up and dies or he takes a step down a road he never sought out. After coming to the sobering realization that corrupt magic is his last hope for survival, Thorn finds himself exploring a realm of ancient mysteries while trying to evade those who are out to get him.

As he is pursued by bounty hunters who intend to chain him up and bring him back, Thorn realizes the conspiracy goes far deeper than he had originally assumed. Even the Tardoffs, one of the most formidable challenger families, are set on catching him and learning any ancient runes he may possess. Worse worse, they plan to go after him personally.

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After learning that some of his friends from Angoril may be among them, Thorn must fight off his pursuers, using all of his remaining physical and mental fortitude to escape with his life and reforge himself from the inside out.

As the sequel to the Titan Series, Reforged continues Thorn’s story and develops the universe of Nova Terra further in the GameLit/LitRPG genre. The latest installment in bestselling author Seth Ring’s series is a must-read for fans of rich fantasy, epic adventures, and a dash of friendship.

Book Review of Reforged

Reforged is undoubtedly the best novel by Seth Ring that I’ve read. Thorn, the hero, has become a wimp since entering a realm with more magic. Every squad he’s been on, he’s been the worst performer. He’s not as battle ready as he once was, but he still possesses strength, a strong will, and resilience.

The bulk of the novel follows his efforts to start over in this foreign land. He also has influential people plotting his death. He is duped into joining a bankrupt and politically vulnerable blacksmiths’ guild. The Artifacers, the most powerful guild, are also after him. The most influential family in the land, the royal family of the Emperor and Empress, are also plotting against him.

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To get to the end of this book, I stayed up till 3 a.m. The action, the discourse (especially when the characters were alone in their thoughts),…

Science, nature, and magic were all woven together expertly by the author. I adore every single one of the characters, even the truly horrible ones.

There were a few aspects I didn’t care for, the most significant being Thorn’s transformation from melee fighter to pure wizard. While I still wish he had returned, I enjoyed this entry a lot more than the last one. Perhaps it was because the first book threw me for a loop, but this one was a lot of fun.

New and exciting opportunities appear to be opening up for Thorn as he receives some significant buffs. The return of Velin is a welcome addition to the plot, and Thorn is released from his prison world. What a difference! I look forward to the next book with renewed anticipation.

Readers! If you enjoy stories of this type, you should read this series. It’s thrilling and full of action from start to finish.

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