By a Thread: A Grumpy Boss Romantic Comedy

A captivating romantic comedy, By A Thread from the pen of Lucy Score, fulfilled all my favorite aspects of modern romances. The story is recounted from the perspectives of two characters: Dominic, a suave and sour pussy who is resolved to be nothing like his awful father, and Ally, a fearless woman who works many jobs to make ends meet and is desperate to do right by her father.

As soon as the two cross paths, a passionate attraction blossoms. Both are too fond of their secretive hate-you banter and too attracted to conceal their attraction to each other. However, destiny has more amusing intentions for these two reluctant colleagues.

The cover is adorable and pink. The premise of this book was so intriguing that I had to read it right away. The first meeting between Dom and Ally was funny. Each character is endearing and unique in their own unique manner; I really enjoyed them all. This little story will make you fall in love.

My favorite is Ally. She is fiercely independent and committed. She works many jobs, lives in a run-down house that is still being renovated, and strictly follows her rationing.

She was depressed by her financial difficulties, and occasionally, her father forgot about her. Ally, though, continues to advance. It’s an uncommon and admirable attribute in a person.

Along with being witty and feisty, she will always be there for you as long as you return the favor by treating her with the same decency and respect. Ally is a very obstinate person who won’t take financial assistance from anybody, not even Faith, her closest friend.

Dom, poor Dom. It’s not just his father’s terrible mess that needs to be cleaned up. Dom acknowledges that he is a jerk. However, it has its roots in childhood and the Russo Faith, which forbids them from discussing their emotions or the issues that bother them.

Dom tries to be morally upright and stand by his stylish yet strict mother, Dalessandra Russo (I adore her name!). But just like Ally, he refuses assistance and is reticent to socialize.

While sexual harassment in the workplace was more of a silent problem that needed to be addressed, I appreciate that this book brings it to light. It’s a significant, persistent problem that requires attention and correction. However, part of the fault lies in how this problem is initially “solved” in the book.

The author, in my opinion, does a fantastic job illustrating the consequences this has on the victims and what can and should be done to give workers a secure and trustworthy workplace.

Although this is my first time reading a contemporary romance, I’m pleased this one was. I understood the entire narrative and that every detail was thoroughly developed and accomplished. Furthermore, you won’t notice how many pages there are because you can’t stop reading and need to know more! This is a truly captivating novel.

A delightful, slow-burning, and entertaining romantic novel is By A Thread. Another book that I really liked that I just recently discovered. An essential read!

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