Casino Girl by Leslie Wolfe (Baxter & Holt Book # 2)


Casino Girl by Leslie Wolfe starts with the murder in the high-roller pleasure pit at the posh Scala Casino to spread among the casino’s affluent and glamorous clientele. Crystal had been seen getting into an unmarked chopper for a late-night journey just before her murder. Where did she go, exactly?

At the roulette table, the stakes are always high, but they might be even greater for some players than others. A cold-blooded killer lurks among the participants, waiting to strike without leaving a trace.

The killing has only begun with Crystal’s death. Those who might threaten to expose the assassin’s true identity will learn the truth very quickly. Anyone who commits that error in a high-stakes game where anything goes is fair game for a killer.

Due of the lethal nature of secrets in Sin City.

Two nonconformists make for an interesting duo. Baxter and Holt have complete faith in one another, but neither will reveal their deepest, darkest secrets to the other.


I have never been to Las Vegas, but the first few pages of “Casino Girls” had me feeling like I was right in the middle of a genuine casino. Crystal (Stage name), the murder victim, captivated my attention, and I was curious about her background.

When I read murder mysteries, my mind immediately goes to who did it and why. Having the murderer remain a mystery was a nice touch. All indications are that she is happy and generous. Crystal was making every effort to graduate college early so that she could help provide for her family.

Crystal had a genuine concern for her sibling and want only the best for her loved ones. Even though he was married, she clearly loved her boyfriend. Crystal’s career as a casino exotic dancer was lucrative. Even if her life had its flaws, she was making the best of it. Who would want to kill her is, of course, the million dollar question.

It’s unknown what exactly causes Crystal’s death while she’s out dancing on the job. There is a lot of work ahead for the criminal lab.

Our detective team consists of Holt and Baxter. To comprehend Crystal’s passing, they must first learn about her life. I’ve never read anything by this author before, let alone anything from this series. If only I’d started with Las Vegas Girl. The detectives share a common past.

The story is narrated primarily through Detective Laura Baxter’s eyes. Despite her affections, she is only interested in a business partnership with her partner. Baxter has some personal issues to confront in regards to her boyfriend, and there is now a trial for an earlier case proceeding through the judicial system.

If she wants to solve the murder mystery without discussing her partner, she will need to get inventive. I think they make a great team. Laura is a very observant and astute woman. Both the plot and the author’s manner are quite engaging. Definitely interested in checking out the author’s future works.

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