An Introduction to Leslie Wolfe

Leslie Wolfe, a bestselling author, is renowned for crafting novels that defy the conventions of traditional thrillers. Her literary creations introduce readers to indelible and brilliant female protagonists, delivering gripping, high-paced suspense. Wolfe’s narrative prowess is complemented by thorough research in technology and psychology.

In October 2011, Leslie unveiled her inaugural novel, “Executive,” marking the beginning of a prolific writing journey. Continually challenging the norms of traditional thrillers, she has since produced a plethora of captivating works. Wolfe’s signature blend of swift suspense, underpinned by extensive exploration of technology and psychology, has elevated her to the status of one of the genre’s most widely read authors.

Drawing parallels to the acclaimed television series “Criminal Minds,” Wolfe’s book series featuring the tenacious FBI Agent Tess Winnett is sure to captivate enthusiasts of crime thrillers by James Patterson, Melinda Leigh, and David Baldacci. Readers who appreciate the suspenseful mysteries of Kendra Elliot and Robert Dugoni will find allure in the Las Vegas Crime series, highlighting the tension-laden dynamic between Baxter and Holt. Lastly, fans of political and espionage action adventures, a la Tom Clancy, Brad Thor, and Lee Child, will be enthralled by Wolfe’s Alex Hoffmann series.

Books of Leslie Wolfe

Leslie Wolfe
Las Vegas Girl
Leslie Wolfe
Casino Girl
Leslie Wolfe
Las Vegas Crime

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