The Forbidden Note by Nelia Alarcon (Redwood Kings Book # 4)

The Forbidden Note Book Review

With the exception of driving and sleeping, which require both hands, I read the first three novels in a row with great enthusiasm. That’s why, despite my upcoming criticisms, I still award this series five stars.

The Forbidden Note by Nelia Alarcon ended on a cliffhanger, and the fourth book shifts to a fresh perspective with Zane and Mrs. Jamieson, both of which are disappointing. I’m not even up to book 3! It’s probably just as fantastic as the rest of the novels in the series, but I feel like my high expectations for the series were dashed when I saw Zane instead of Dutch and Ms. Jamison instead of Candice.

I’m annoyed that Dutch and Candice have come to terms with the pros and cons of their relationship and still decided to be married. After the events of book 3, I was hoping that in book 4 they would finally learn to work together. Demonstrate their accepted love for one another, the joy the marriage has brought them, and the hints of an impending child and a battle against the story’s real bad guy.

But I can’t have that since we’re talking about a different kind of relationship, and I need to know how the first one ends first. I get that it’s part of a series about the brothers and that their relationships develop over the course of the books, but I just can’t bring myself to read any more because I already know that Zane turns into a man who turns to s*x and booze to deal with his feelings for Ms. Jamieson, and that Ms. Jamieson actively avoids him for six months.

After reading the first three books in the series, I have a pretty good idea of what happens. I get that Zane loves her as much as Dutch did Candice, but at this point in the story, when my allegiance is already invested in the other characters, I don’t care.

I know I sound like a baby, but I think we’ve all had that moment when something is so close to happening, but it just doesn’t happen quickly enough or at all, and now we don’t want it. I’m going to take a break from reviewing this series until I’ve read book 4.

If book 5 is released by then and my dream comes true, I will start a new series immediately; otherwise, I will wait till this one is done.

The Forbidden Note

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Bully Romance

Author: Nelia Alarcon

Reading Time: 8-10 hours

Rating: 4.2/5

Series: Redwood Kings

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