Bay of Sighs by Nora Roberts


In Bay of Sighs, Annika, a mermaid, must return to the sea after completing her mission to locate the stars. As her five new friends learned when they collected the fire star, she is a newcomer to this planet and her purity and beauty, along with her exquisite athleticism, are nothing short of amazing.

The guardians have now been transported to the island of Capri, where the water star is hidden, by space and time traveler Sawyer King. And he can’t help but be pulled to Annika’s happy disposition as he observes her in her element. However, Sawyer is aware that no compass could ever lead him back to reality if he lets her into his heart.

And their foe lurks in the shadows. There is still time for blood to be shed—by the mermaid in the water and the traveler on land—even if she lost one star to the guardians. She has created a potentially harmful new weapon. Something surprising and lethal. something that is human.


Since I’ve been reading her for more than 20 years, Nora Roberts has never ceased to amuse and surprise me. The second novel in Nora Roberts’ Guardians Trilogy is Bay of Sighs. My favorite kind of trilogy is one that combines mystery, romance, fantasy, and the supernatural!

Roberts presents us three couples in a trilogy format similar to The Guardians. We first met Riley and Doyle, Annika and Sawyer, and Sasha and Bran in book one, Stars of Fortune. While Sasha and Bran’s relationship was the main subject of book 1, book 2 introduces us to Annika and Sawyer’s romance.

Mini-SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t read Book 1, do not proceed. Not all six guardians are human, and each is unique in their own way. Their mission is to find and safeguard three magical stars that were created long ago by three goddesses. The chosen six have a mission: locate the stars and prevent Nerezza, the dark goddess, from taking possession of them and executing or kidnapping any of their group.

The second star quest and the developing love story between Annika the mermaid and Sawyer the wanderer are the main plot points in Bay of Sighs. Annika is a mermaid, as you were well aware if you read book 1. I love Annika as a character. She is incredibly wise and naïve at the same time. One of the most noble male characters I’ve ever read is Sawyer, who is also rather adorable. They seem like the ideal couple to me.

A captivating story that captures the audience’s imagination is expertly woven together with heart-stopping action scenes, humorous banter (I especially love the numerous pop culture allusions, like in Hulk Smash), romantic interludes, and a magnificent plot by Nora Roberts.

Although there are a few unsettling passages, one involving torture, Roberts writes with vigor and power that propels the action and the plot along quickly.


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