Infectious Injustice by Justin Cook – A Tale of Grit, Humor, and Resilience Inside Prison Walls

Infectious Justice


The ‘Infectious Injustice’ starts when the author, following an inebriated tantrum, becomes entangled with law enforcement and finds himself incarcerated in California’s San Quentin State Prison. The attorney he hired seemed more concerned with extorting money from him than with assisting him in evading prison authorities, as he quickly came to discover. He comes to terms with a drastically different perspective on life as he navigates new hurts and challenges in prison.


This book was a real page-turner, hitting you with all the feels. The way the author laid out their life pre-prison in Silicon Valley and then spilled the beans on the gritty prison hardships was like watching a movie – dramatic, gripping, and totally engaging. You could really feel the author’s roller-coaster journey.

What made it even more awesome was the author’s knack for throwing in humor and wit throughout the book. It gave the whole story this genuine vibe, making you feel like you were right there with them through the ups and downs.

The heart of the story dives deep into the crazy life inside prison during mass incarceration and how things went down with COVID-19. It pulls no punches in exposing the harsh treatment and corruption that’s baked into the prison system. But amidst all that darkness, it also shines a light on the strength and resilience it takes to survive in that crazy environment. It’s like a real eye-opener that makes you think long and hard.

But this book goes beyond just one person’s journey. It zooms out to show how messed up the whole justice system is. You start asking questions about why things are the way they are and what needs to change. The author blends personal stories with bigger social issues, turning this into more than just a memoir – it’s a call to action.

And let’s talk about the COVID-19 part. It’s like a wake-up call about how prisoners are treated during crises. The author throws a spotlight on the ethical side of things, making you question if we’re doing right by people behind bars when things get tough.

What really stuck with me, though, is the resilience theme. This book isn’t just about someone surviving the system; it’s about the potential for change and redemption, even in the toughest spots. It challenges you to rethink your views on the whole prison scene.

In a nutshell, this book is not your average memoir. It’s a rollercoaster ride through personal struggles, societal flaws, and the power of resilience. The author’s storytelling game is on point, making it a must-read that leaves you thinking and maybe even ready to take a stand for a fairer, more humane criminal justice system.

My Verdict: 4.5/5

Author’s Bio

Nevada-born Justin Cook, a technical architect, has worked at top firms and possesses over fifty technical qualifications, including top-tier status worldwide. He has a BA in Spanish literature, an MS in information systems, and a PhD being pursued. He was an information technology professor at a Nevada college; a Marathon runner who twice foolishly ran with the bulls at Pamplona.

His expertise in four languages came from residing in Spain, France, and Germany. He has traveled to over thirty countries, thus he can’t save money. Piano, snowboarding, hiking, and teaching Kenpo, where he has a black belt, are his hobbies. He’s better at divorce than marriage. His boisterous children like to remind dad that he’s obese and is losing his calm.

His bar-free home is perfect for naps, reading, and drinking too much coffee. He spends most days writing in his Costco Kirkland sweats, transporting readers to a world where brave heroes have appealing weaknesses and addressing the human experience. The swashbuckling action-adventure Infectious Injustice is his first novel.

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