Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover (2014): A Forbearing Tale of a Forbidden Love

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover‘ 2014 is a romance through and through. On her 22nd birthday, Sydney learns that her two-year boyfriend Hunter and her best friend Tori had been cheating on her. She punches both of them, leaves, and takes up an offer from Ridge, a guitar-playing type of stranger across the courtyard whose roommates were searching for another roommate anyhow, to move into the spare bedroom in their apartment.

Sydney isn’t a complete stranger to Ridge; she had been texting him and had even sent him some song lyrics. When Sydney moves in, she learns that Ridge, 24, is deaf and relies heavily on texting as his primary means of communication.

Sydney grows close to Ridge as they create music together, and she gets to know Ridge’s other roommates, Bridgette and Warren, who are all highly funny. Sydney respects Ridge and considers him a prodigy in the field of music. He is deaf, but he can sense the vibrations of music, so he will know when Sydney is singing for him so long as he is quite close to her. This creates a close and trusting atmosphere in the workplace. But Ridge is in a relationship with Maggie and refuses to think about what his mixed emotions could mean for their relationship.

Sydney is growing increasingly confident in Ridge, but she doesn’t want to do to Maggie what was done to her, and Ridge has his own reasons for feeling linked to Maggie, so they both exhibit a lot of unease. Rather than boring us with angsty repetition, the author takes us through the development of their feelings regarding the scenario.

In Maybe Someday, Colleen Hoover presented the moral dilemmas of relationship.

Can your heart hold simultaneous dual love?

Is it possible to love the wrong people?

What if your loved one’s requirements are different from your own?

Where does fairness come into play?

Even though both Sydney and Ridge are taken, they can’t help but feel drawn to one another upon meeting for the first time. Many critics were angered by their “unfaithful” behavior, but they failed to see what the author kept stressing throughout the book: that they wouldn’t have been able to grow linked elsewhere emotionally if everything in their own relationships had been perfect. Sydney and Ridge don’t understand this at first, and they end up feeling awful about themselves.

The story’s plot, from the initial introduction of the characters to the last disclosure, really floored me.

Colleen Hoover’s prose is so engrossing and fascinating that you feel like you’re living in the world of her characters. I was hooked on this novel from the first few words and read to the very end.

Ridge was the prototypical “everyone will fall in love with him” person; he was handsome, charming, brilliant as a musician, and had a kind heart. There was nothing about him that didn’t make my heart melt.

Sydney was one of those protagonists whose likeability I felt at first sight. She was sweet and charming, and her grace under pressure won me over again and again.

The novel and their romance were perfect in every way; the texting, the flirting, the gradual but tremendous development of their attachment… everything from the music to the songwriting to the heartbreak to the practical jokes. All the scenes radiated the book’s underlying emotional current, which was palpable the whole time.

At times I was laughing out loud and at others I was sitting there with tears flowing down my cheeks, unable to read any farther till I had recovered.

It was mesmerizing, gorgeous, and steamy to watch Ridge and Sydney become one via their music. They completed one another in important ways, and before long, the lines between making music and being in love had blurred.

Another fantastic addition was the incorporation of original songs written and recorded for the book within the narrative at strategic points so that the reader would be compelled to play them at the appropriate moments. And my goodness, were they ever mind-blowing!!! The most memorable element for me was hearing the finished song after having witnessed its creation. It was nothing short of a miraculous event.

Moreover, the story is narrated from alternating points of view, allowing the reader to fully understand the events from each character’s perspective.

Here’s the thing about this novel that isn’t made clear by the summary: it’s a forbidden romance, but not in the sense you’d expect.

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