What Lies Beyond the Veil (Of Flesh & Bone Series Book # 1)

What Lies Beyond the Veil Book Review

What Lies Beyond the Veil begins with the Fae of Alfheimr been kept at bay by the Veil for almost 400 years. Without them, our lives have been guided by the New Gods away from decadence and vice and toward a focus on survival and virtue. Like a moth to a flame, I have spent my entire life nurturing the plants at the threshold between our worlds.

They slayed us with their swords, then.

Once the Veil is broken and the fae are free to roam our world again, everything will change. Fairy magic labels us as prey, but the Mist Guard guarding Nothrek will eliminate us before they let the fae have us. If I want to make it to my twenty-first birthday as a free woman, I have to run away from all I know.

What is rightfully theirs, they will now take.

Caelum comes to my rescue just as the Wild Hunt is about to catch me. Despite being tagged as a Fae and having to go on the run, he is still able to put up a fight. As the fae draw nearer and evil looms larger, our union evolves from tentative friendship to all-consuming passion.

My life is in danger, and he represents everything I shouldn’t allow myself to crave. Even when something more important is at stake, I can’t seem to pull away.

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To the core of my being.

Even if I had suspicions about Caelum’s past, I still would have fallen in love with him. Even now, my love for him remains strong. Human perceptions of the fae are explored in this first volume. In particular, we discovered the origins of the fae and the terrible things they do to people.

Everything here is written from a human point of view. Since it is extremely unusual for a whole species of beings to be utterly bad, I naturally have my suspicions. And I’m not sure I can put my faith in a species that can treat its own members so cruelly.

I no longer believe people when they say they need to sacrifice someone and drain their blood into the boundaries of the veil to keep the evil out. This kind of blood sacrifice has never resulted in a positive outcome. I’m curious as to the fae’s role in the creation of this veil and how they achieved it.

Some say the Fae mistreated humans, although there’s no evidence to support this. I have serious doubts about the fairies being portrayed in this way.

Then the curtain drops, and the Wild Hunt is free to roam. Perhaps the Fae are not as good and innocent as I had imagined. However, they are far from being completely malevolent.

They only hunt and catch the marked, never killing them. This, I imagine, is the question some readers will have. Wouldn’t you rather die at the hands of the human than be forced to work as a slave for the Fae? I find this to be a really naive inquiry.

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The options shouldn’t be eliminated or made into slaves. Why don’t more people try to safeguard the marked by hiding them? People like this exist in families, communities, and neighborhoods all throughout the world. Are they suddenly so drastically different that we must wipe them out? I don’t see the point in that at all.

I feel sorry for Estrella and her crappy existence. A “sacrifice” for the veil, her father.

Against her will, she is trying to acquire the favor of the village’s most influential guy. Hearing about her tragic history and the pain she endures is depressing. The dropping of the veil could spell disaster, but she will be safe. She has decided to finally start living it. If she can get away from the fae, that is. She is shrouded in secrecy.

Caelum is like a white stallion who comes to her rescue again and time again. The two of them have incredible chemistry. They have delicious sex. That’s why the narrative got an extra half a star; it’s just like this. What I wouldn’t give to be marked with the same fae symbol as Caelum, so that I may submit to his cock, mouth, and hands.

The harsh and primitive sex depicted in this fantasy was unexpected. Still, it serves its purpose, and I found it enjoyable. Despite the several exciting moments, this novel moves at a snail’s pace.

Since Estrella is in the dark throughout most of the novel, I found the pacing to be poor. Just enough is revealed at the end to make the reader curious about what happens in the following book. Okay, count me in! The suspense is killing me!

If you’re a fan of dark erotica and high fantasy, you’ll love this book.

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