What Lurks Between the Fates (Of Flesh & Bone Series Book # 3)

What Lurks Between the Fates Book Review

‘What Lurks Between the Fates’ begins where ‘What Hunts Inside the Shadows’ ends.

I once put my partner before my independence.We spent weeks traveling back to Mistfell, where the shadow of the Veil still loomed over the interdimensional threshold. While exploring the land, I stubbornly refused to accept the reality that I wasn’t indeed the long-lost princess of Faerie, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Actually, it’s Fallon who has to worry about the fallout from her family history. So now I have just one question that hasn’t been answered.After that, I woke myself in a cage above the seat of the Queen of Air and Darkness.Mab is the Queen who has Alfheimr in the crook of her claws.

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Her dark vessel, obsessed with power, is kept alive by the children of Faerie thanks to the magic bestowed upon her by the cursed gem set in her crown. She gets off on cruelty and uses our affection to inflict harm on others.I shall now engage in Fae games.My very existence is a mystery that no one could have possibly predicted.

Even though I’m not her biological daughter, Mab has kept me close by as she shapes me into a weapon to use against both humans and Fae. Although I am not yet Mab’s property, she does have complete power over the guy I love. I would do anything to get him out of jail.

If being the bad guy is what it takes, then so be it.

In this third installment, Estrella and Caldris continue their stay with the delightful (NOT!) Mab. This was always going to be a bumpy road, and I didn’t think I could be ready for it.

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Mab is dead set on uncovering the identity of Caldris’s partner. But the mystery of who Estrella really is piques her curiosity even more.

Estrella and Caldris get put through the wringer as she makes it her mission to discover the answer. Unlike other couples, this one didn’t get broken up. Estrella demonstrates her formidable strength (if we’re being honest, her time in Misfell served as basic training for what was to come).

Mab may think Estrella’s devotion to her loved ones is a sign of weakness, but Estrella continually disproves her. Caldris’ downfall is love, but Estrella would embrace the shadows if it means she can defend or avenge her family.

I was terribly devastated by the ending and immediately looked up when the fourth book would be published. By October, I may be fully recovered.We’ll have to wait and see.

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What Lurks Between the Fates

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