The Ruthless Note by Nelia Alarcon (Redwood Kings Book #2)

The sequel, The Ruthless Note, lives up to the high standards set by the previous film. Nelia Alarcon is skilled at creating tension and teasing the reader with hints, sometimes using Jinx.

Both Cadey and Dutch’s backstories are essential reading for me. It will be agonizing to have to wait for the conclusion, but I know it will be well worth it. (Don’t keep us waiting around!)

It seems likely that we will also hear about Dutch’s brothers and Sol. There’s an enticing hint of chemistry between Sol and Serena. I’m crossing my fingers that their chapter comes up next! So where are Zane and Miss Jamison? I’m not typically into stories with a teacher and a pupil, but I’m game for this one.

The fact that Finn has a thing on Jinx, the resident gossip girl, is the most intriguing part. How soon until he learns her identity?

I’m thrilled to add this writer to my list of all-time faves.

What a well-written, engrossing novel! I love a good bully romance and decided to give this one a shot. Cadence’s self-assurance and generosity make her a wonderful FMC. I really didn’t like Dutch in the previous book, but he’s starting to win me over in this one.

It’s admirable that he’s concerned about Cadence and wants to help her overcome her stage fear.
An exciting read that leaves you wondering what will happen next to Dutch and Cadence.

The Ruthless Note

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Bully Romance

Author: Nelia Alarcon

Reading Time: 8-10 hours

Rating: 4.3/5

Series: Redwood Kings

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