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The Ritual tells the story of the Lords who are a secret group based at Barrington University that demands their blood as payment. Above all, they are the world’s most powerful men. To get authority, they commit violent acts throughout their lives. And in their senior year, they receive an offer from a selected one.

Many believe that having money as a child is liberating, but I can assure you that it is not. Everything in my life has been prearranged for me. Before Ryat Alexander Archer came along and offered me the possibility for a better life, I never had the opportunity to achieve what I wanted to do. He gave me freedom, something no one else had ever offered.

I opted to be his. That was just another falsehood that he had conjured up for me, but yet. a means by which the Lords coerce you into fulfilling their desires.

I accepted my new role and let Ryat treat me like the prize I was to him after becoming drawn into the sinister, dark world of the Lords. However, as with everything, what began as a game quickly turned into a struggle for survival. Death was the only way out.


Thus, my preferred approach to reading a book is to approach it nearly blindly. I just learn about it casually and decide to pursue it without doing any research or looking it up.

All I knew about this one was that it was a “dark romance.” What an adventure to go on without any prior knowledge. This book is not good. It kind of ends like a romance, but I would be very cautious to label it such. Though the plot was at best dubious, I still liked the smut.

This book’s plot was ludicrous and absurd. It contained very little to no “romance.” From the start, the MMC was consumed by the FMC, first out of retaliation and later just out of macho possessiveness.

The love was, once more, dubious at best and didn’t arrive until much later. Again motivated by retaliation, the FMC offered to be a sex toy for a whole year before getting married despite the fact that they were not in love.

But when she discovers he’s really who he’s always claimed to be, on the night they announce their marriage, she flees. and then retreats, believing that if he finds her, he would murder her? Beneath all of this was an effort at a plot line, albeit a mushy one full of holes.

Character development did exist, although it was very slight. By the end, Blakely really came into her own, and that was great. She gained experience in being a Lady to a Lord. It looks like Ryat was a jealous and controlling person in the beginning and turned into a similarly jealous and controlling adult?

The supporting cast members were essentially unimportant and had little individuality. Sarah, her “best friend since Kindergarten,” lacked all personality traits save for the occasional encouraging one.

I was ready for the spice, too. Particularly considering that this is all the novel has going for it in terms of quality writing. It’s chock full of BDSM, dark and kinky in the finest kind of ways. The concept of lack of permission is my biggest pet peeve with dark romance, but this novel didn’t address it.

They handled it as a CNC (consensual non-consent) feel, which I liked, and they made sure to emphasize that. This book’s middle section consists mostly of one hot scene after another. This was the perfect example of the spiteful and possessive, and who wouldn’t get a little giddy about that?

All things considered, I suggest this book just if you’re looking to read some kinky smut. This book is not for you if you’re searching for a really intricate, gripping story. For 500 pages of gloomy, kinky smut? Then you ought to read this as your next book.

I give this a 3 out of 5 star rating due to the overall lack of a coherent plot, character development, and plot line. Add some spice? 5 out of 5. I still have two volumes in this trilogy to read, but I’ll update you!

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