Top Mystery Picks for August 2021

  1. These Toxic Things

    These Toxic Things

    Clients can have “digital scrapbooks” created for them by Mickie Lambert, which ensures that treasured mementos are not forgotten or lost. When Nadia Denham, the owner of a curio shop, is found dead of an apparent suicide, Mickie carries out the wishes of the elderly woman who passed away. Twelve mementos, all of which Nadia had obtained on her flea market scavenging travels around the country, meant a lot to her.In addition, these tokens represent a great deal to someone else, too. Several threats have been directed at her, telling her to stay away from Nadia’s past.

    It is almost a mystery how much Mickie wants to solve the case. Who owned these peculiar possessions? Where did Nadia get them? Crossing paths with a long-dormant serial killer and investigating a long-forgotten dark secret are both ways to discover the truth. She is concerned that if Mickie gets this tattoo, she’ll be bound to it forever.

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  2. The Best of Friends

    The Best of Friends

    When tragedy strikes, the two best friends in the world, sisters Lindsey and Kendra, and best friends Dani and their teenage sons all lose their children in one tragic accident. One is killed, one is in a coma, and one has lost the ability to speak.Stunned by the night’s terrible events, the three mothers embark on a frantic search for answers. It’s incomprehensible. It is truly shocking to learn that something this terrible could occur in their affluent Southern California suburb.

    Beset by unsettling discoveries, the family realises that the accident was only the beginning, and more questions are raised: Do they truly know their children? Have they ever met? The trickle of previously unknown secrets creates a fog of doubt and suspicion which is poisoning the lives of their families, their friendships, and the community as a whole.

    The women have to face the hazards of heartbreak, jealousy, and the danger of living double lives once the illusion of happiness and safety have been stripped away.

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  3. Mrs. Rochester’s Ghost

    Mrs. Rochester's Ghost

    Everything that she has, has been lost: her job, her mother, her relationship, and even her home. One of my friends calls and offers me an unusual deal—a cottage on the estate of his employer, Evan Rochester, above the crashing surf of Big Sur. To compensate, Jane is volunteering to help with his teenage daughter’s homework. She’s fine with it.The owners of the Rochester estate may keep a fairly low profile, but nothing is what it seems on the inside. Evan Rochester says that, though he’s been accused of murdering his troubled and glamorous wife, she committed suicide. Despite her cynical outlook, Jane does indeed find herself drawn to the enigmatic entrepreneur, whose daughter she becomes close to.

    A presence that haunts the mist and fog appears yet even when she’s developing strong feelings for Evan, Cassie can’t hide her suspicion that something sinister is going on. Jane starts her quest to discover the truth, and she uncovers incriminating evidence that eventually causes Evan’s innocence to be called into question. She is resolved to discover the truth, no matter what it costs her.

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  4. These Tangled Vines

    These Tangled VinesEven from the man who reared her, Fiona has learnt that keeping a secret is an important life skill. She wishes to keep the fact that her mother had an affair in Tuscany thirty years previously to herself. Until she learns that her biological father has passed away and left her an immense inheritance, along with two half siblings, the lawyer was kept unaware of these things.

    In Italy, the family learns that Fiona exists and is furious that she would receive any money from the estate. Despite the ongoing investigation into her mother’s extramarital affair, Fiona must also handle difficult family dynamics and unstable sibling rivalry. As Fiona works to uncover the truth about the crucial summer her mother spent in Italy and the father she never knew, she experiences anxiety and excitement in equal measure.

    Vivid descriptions of Italian countryside, filled with love, secrets, sacrifice, courage, and most importantly, the true meaning of family lead readers on a heart-pounding voyage of familial discovery.

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  5. Unspeakable Things

    Unspeakable Things

    It appears that throughout the 1980s, life in Minnesota was fairly calm for Cassie McDowell. She has a farm in the country where she likes to reside, loves her education, and has a boy she likes in her class. While the unusual parties and the procession of deviant guests that the parents organise are, in fact, new to her, she has become accustomed to them.When a hunter appears in Lilydale, everything remains the same.Some local boys disappear one by one. Time and time again, each of them returned changed: aggressive, irritable, and withdrawn. This holds a place in the legend, and hence is the source of sensationalist rumours.

    The who-done-it accusations grow wild and reckless, and risky town secrets are starting to emerge. Cassie’s own sister undergoes the transformation into a monster. It’s imperative that Cassie adapt to this more mature environment, where every sin is viewed as completely acceptable, and only the truth is unpardonable.

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