Willow Moss and the Magic Thief Book Review

The fate of Starfell hangs in the balance of impending doom. The battle against Silas, the power-hungry wizard, rages on. But how can Willow Moss turn the tide when her magical abilities have been stripped away?

With her trusty companions by her side, the fledgling sorceress embarks on a perilous journey to the treacherous Mountains of Nach. In her quest, she seeks the legendary Craegun, a mighty creature rumored to bring back all that’s lost, but not without a steep cost.

The stakes are high and the path ahead is treacherous, but retreat is not an option . . . for the fate of Willow Moss’s realm hangs in the balance. The fourth installment of the Starfell series is a true testament to the strength of compassion, perseverance, and fairness.

The Starfell books are the apple of my eye when it comes to middle grade series – it’s got witches, thrill, a mystical creature resembling a cat and exclaiming ‘uh oh’ frequently… There’s a certain ‘je ne sais quoi‘ about these books, and this fourth installment is a splendid continuation.

For those who are green to the series, be sure to peep my critiques of the initial and second installments – my analysis of the inaugural tome, especially, hits the nail on the head in encapsulating all the motifs and constituents that render this series my absolute favorite, from a resourceful protagonist and magic with strict regulations, to the significance of confidence and benevolence.

I must say, the illustrations are absolutely amazing! From the majestic dragon soaring high to the serene character scene, Sarah Warburton’s art is a match made in heaven for Starfell’s enchanting ambiance, truly capturing the awe-inspiring essence of the universe.

In this epic quest, Willow Moss finds herself stripped of all her magical powers – leaving her with the daunting task of defeating the wicked wizard who stole them. It’s a well-known fact that in times of need, a true friend is worth their weight in gold. And lucky for her, in this series, she has no shortage of loyal companions to lean on.

This book has a classic “reunion of the crew” vibe, as Willow Moss reunites with old pals. It’s heartwarming to see everyone together again, and it reinforces the timeless lesson that teamwork makes the dream work. Sometimes, it’s not about working hard until you drop, but rather acknowledging your limitations and seeking help when needed.

This includes taking care of both your mental and physical health. The Starfell series is truly a breath of fresh air! It’s a true celebration of kindness, both to others and to oneself.

Only time will tell if there are more books in the series. This one felt like a goodbye, but the acknowledgements refer to it as the ‘latest’ Starfell book, not the ‘last’. I’m crossing my fingers that there will be more, because I’m not ready to bid adieu to Willow Moss and Oswin just yet!

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