The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave

Sometimes a book enters your life and gradually enters your heart. This was Laura Dave’s The Last Thing He Told Me this year’s book for me.

Once I heard Reese Witherspoon turn the book to a television series with Julia Roberts, I came up with the copy. It literally brings together three of my favourite stuff – TV series, Julia Roberts and whatever Reese Witherspoon touches.

I’ve been hooked from the very first page. But The Last Thing He Told Me wasn’t an afternoon nasty little thriller. It has a lot of heart and the storey is about the relationship of the main heroine to her missing husband and reticence towards a step-daughter, as well.

Continue reading to learn what he said and whether you should read it:

The Last thing He Told Me is a really heartfelt and slow-branding mystery. The plot centres around 40 people: Hana, a wood-turner, and her new husband, Owen, and Bailey, his 16-year-old daughter, have moved to Sausalito, Northern California.

One afternoon Hannah from Owen is sent a note that reads simply: “Protect her.”

Hannah must learn why Owen has left, and if he’s ever actually been the guy she thought she married, with the fibi and state troopers on her heels.

Laura Dave, the most selling author in 800 Grapes and other novels, wrote The Last Thing He Told Me.

Reese Witherspoon Book Picks the best-selling novel and Witherspoon adapts the novel to one TV series with Julia Roberts as Hannah.

Is this a trek or a sprint? This is a sprint. It is a sprint. But you can pause and smell the flowers here and there.

Come for… Come for… The riddle of Owen’s events.
Stay… Stay for… The lovely letter. Hannah and her stepdaughter Bailey’s booming friendship.

There are some sad parts and it certainly does not end happy, but The Last Thing He Happened Me truly is a book about human beings and the ties that we establish.

Plus the mystery and the answer to Hannah on her trip is fun!


Title: Gone for Good

Series: Volume 1 of Detective Annalisa Vega

Author: Joanna Schaffhausen

Publisher: St. Martin’s Publishing Group, 2021

ISBN: 1250264618, 9781250264619

Length: 304 pages

Subjects: Fiction › Mystery & Detective › Police Procedural

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